Luol Deng on the block?

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Luol Deng on the block?

I know all the rumors had been denied in the last couple of days. But this was the second time I heard Luol Deng was going to be traded for a draft pick. Last year he was almost traded to the Warriors for the rights of Harrison Barnes and now it was said that the Bulls were looking to trade him to the Wizards for the third pick and Emeka Okafor. I want to know if you think this could be a nice trade for the Bulls, as they are looking to upgrade the SG position and there are two posibilities (Ben Mclemore and Oladipo) in this year' draft and they also obtain a good athletic back up center, that could spell some minutes from Noah. I'm not all sold to the idea of trading Deng, but I could agree that he is a good trade asset from whom the Bulls could obtain the pieces to complete their roster. Is there any other trade (REAL POSSIBILITY TRADE, NOT TRADE MACHINE NONSENSE) that could be better than the Wizards' trade? Sorry for my English. Greetings from Montevideo - Uruguay.

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I think the Wash trade makes sense

I think the Wash trade makes sense. From what is out there it seems like the Wizards wouldn't do the trade because Deng only has a year left on his contract. That will make it tough to get top dollar in return for him, unless he agrees to sign an extension with the team that trades for him.

I'm a fan of Mclemore and Oladipo, though I think for the Bulls it would make more sense to take Mclemore. Having an athletic shooter like that playing with Rose would just be awesome to watch. He probably has higher upside, plus Chicago would be a better situation for him, as he seems like the kind of kid that may struggle a bit with being the man. Deng is a great player, but Butler makes him expendable. A huge factor in this kind of trade is the salary difference. Even if their pick is half the player that Deng is (which may even be true in year 1-2, but is less likely after that) you are going to be paying that player almost a third less than what Deng would cost. You can use that salary to improve other areas of your team. And I know this may sound crazy, but don't sleep on Okafor. The Wizards sucked last year, specifically before Wall was back, but they had one of the best defenses in the league and Okafor was a big part of that. Having a backup C like Okafor would be a luxury and would elevate the Bulls bench back to what it was two years ago. So I think this is a great trade for the Bulls.

You're English is great! I didn't notice a thing. Greetings from Brooklyn :)

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