Luigi Datome

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Luigi Datome

What are ur thoughts on Luigi Datome? Datome was signed this past summer by the pistons on a 2 year 3.75 mil, which a lot of people have called a steal. Datome was the Italian league MVP this past season. He has a good combination of athletism and shooting stroke and at 6'8 he has good size for the SF position. He's been playing professionally since 2003 and looks ready to contribute immediately.

Also there's a chance he could start this season with him and singler as the only SF on the roster. Everyone thinks that smith will start at SF with Monroe and Drummond up front, but I don't see it. Most reports from Detroit say that Drummond will come off the bench. So how good is Datome and what kind of impact will he have as a rookie?

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I mean he finished 6th behind

I mean he finished 6th behind donnel Taylor, Jonathan Gibson, Bobby Brown, and the Diener brothers, no doubt he can surprise some people in the L and be a solid contributor cause he's a talented and skilled player with good dimensions but I dont see this 26 year old "rookie" as a bona fide starter

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Idk if he's gonna start but

Idk if he's gonna start but I'm happy for any international player who make it in the League. Firmly believe that he's gonna be a good addition and expect from him similar to Kyle Singler's numbers from last year.

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I don't know where you're

I don't know where you're getting you reports from but everything I'm getting says the Pistons have every intention of starting Andre Drummond and playing Josh Smith at small forward come the start of the season. With that being the case and Kyle Singler likely the first option off the bench at small forward Luigi Datome likely won't see many minutes without a player going down for some reason.

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I am from Italy and saw

I am from Italy and saw Datome playing lots of times... I believe he can be a good contributor since he has a high Basketball IQ, good size and he is humble. I do not believe he is a great shooter but he does lots of things on the court that are not shown in the chart...
My only doubt is that if I had to compare him to a player in the NBA, I believe he is a jarebko clone, that does not get much play time in detroit.
I believe he is mostly effective from 15 feet and plays ofter as a power forward here in Italy. He can guard a SF in the NBA, but does not have a great 3 point shot.
I believe he will be good for 10-12 minutes off the bench in Detroit

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