Lucky #5

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Lucky #5

Nerlens Noel will switch from 3 to 5 in the pros because of the teams that passed on him.

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I like the idea

A lot of times it is hard for players to keep that fire and passion for the game when they are in rehab and can't play in games. If this helps him make the most of his first few months with NBA-level trainers, then good for him.

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Is it weird when a player

Is it weird when a player does this I automatically think of how Gilbert Arenas was number 0?

“Zero is the number of minutes people predicted I would play my freshman year at Arizona,” said Arenas, who played ended up playing 32.1 minutes per game in his first season as a Wildcat. “I decided to go with it because I love proving people wrong.” - Gilbert

He's not the first and wont be the last, keep up the passion

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I liked what somebody said in

I liked what somebody said in reply when he answered that he was going to make the teams pay that passed on him, first he should realize why he was passed on(no offensive game and knee issues) and work on that before he goes to making them pay. I like the attitude of wanting to make others pay, but Imo those 5 teams ahead of him made the right decision passing on him (though I disagree passing on Mclemore) and he should respect that he just wasn't good enough for those spots.. that he should make sure he improves his game enough to be considered the #1 had there been a redraft later on.

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KG switched his number to #5 because #21 was retired in Boston and he wanted to be known as one of the best #5 picks of all time.

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He's really wearing #5 cuz they gonna eventually going to retire #3 for AI, but glad he's using it as motivation that other teams passed. Glad he's got heart!

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That was my first thought as

That was my first thought as well, but regardless it's a respectable move.

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