Lower Seed NBA Prospects

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Lower Seed NBA Prospects

Anyone have any opinions on the NBA potential of some of these players from lower seeded schools:

1. Elfrid Payton LA-Lafayette
2. Wesley Saunders Harvard
3. Aaric Murrya Texas Southerm
4. Devon Saddler Delaware
5. Taylor Braun North Dakota State
6. James Woodard Tulsa
7. Elijah Wilson Coastal Carolina

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Elfrid Peyton

Every time I watch this kid play I believe that he can make it in the NBA. He can go in the first round and be a good rotation player on a good team. He is not going to be an all star but he will be a very good player.

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Aaric Murray might get

Aaric Murray might get drafted in the 2nd round or get a training camp invite....He's a good defender,good rebounder with 3 point range...He had an impressive freshman year and thought about turning pro...There are concerns about his motor and his attitude....

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i don't know if we are

i don't know if we are counting underclassmen from smaller schools, but i'd like to give a shout out to jacob parker, the junior out of stephen f austin. if he continues to play this well he should get drafted.

elfrid peyton in a sense is like the small school player that everyone seems to know about. to me he's a good college player, don't know how it will resonate in the league, but he will definitely make it. one thing he has going for him is that his first instinct is to pass first.

wesley saunders is a good under the radar player who, like most wings would benefit (at least with open shots) even more with a good point to set him up. i think he will have a real good chance to showcase his talent in the first round against a player in sean kilpatrick. not sure who wins the match up or game, but this game could be a good indicator of his nba potential. i think he will showcase he's on about the same level as a kilpatrick, but the lack of national spot light combined with harvard's non flashy style throughout the year will make him a free agent imo.

aaric murrya has nice size and speed for a paint player. he is good facing up against other bigs, but isn't the best with his back to the basket. he has played big in certain games, but is inconsistent. he's a descent, but not great college rebounder, but in the league will have trouble rebounding. if he has a chance in the league, he needs to have his jumper fall to make it as a stretch 4, or toughen up a bit. probably another free agent.

devon saddler is a good college player, but i don't see him making a team in the league as of now. maybe an invite, but the fact is he's an undersized shooting guard that scores at will on a low shooting percentage in a small conference. yes, he can flat out score and has had monster moments, but not against big time. there are already an overabundance of these players in the league as it is though.

taylor braun can crack a spot in the lineup as a late pick or an undrafted free agent. he can shoot, has a high iq. he's got good size for a wing player. he's not lightning quick or athletic, but knows his limits. only knock is the competition is horrible. the only ranked opponent braun faced, however, he played well against ohio state, but that's a real small track record. (this year)

james woodard has a different game than saddler, but as it pertains to the subject of an nba prospect, read saddler and it's the same result as woodard here.

elijah wilson is a small conference shooting guard that can't shoot and does't have that aaron craft defense. he has next to no shot in the league imo.

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Bryce Cotton, Providence.

Bryce Cotton, Providence. Scoring point guard, but I've always followed him and been a fan due to the fact he's from Arizona.

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Aaric Muarry may be the

Aaric Muarry may be the oldest player in this draft..

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