Love/Hate Prospects

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Love/Hate Prospects

I want to see the list of guys that you love/hate in this draft. You can explain if you like.


Nate Wolters - I suppose its the underdog in me but I love a guy that had 1 D1 offer coming out of HS and right away averaged 20 PPG.
Tyler Zeller - I really like Lamarcus Aldridge as a player and Zeller is looking like a clone of Aldridge with a huge vert.

Pierre Jackson - Bull Dog. I love watching him play because you know he is always going to do something exciting.

Trey Burke - Vastly underrated.. I have been saying it since the start of the year. He is the best PG in the draft and should be a starter from day 1.

Anthony Bennett - This one is a little sticky because I like him as a player but I dont like the hype he is getting.. I have seen some say he is Carmelo and he is projected as a top 5 pick but I dont know if he will ever live up to that.. He is a 6'7 PF that has a bit of outside game.. I love him as a prospect but he looks like another Morris Twin to me..

Shabazz Muhammad - Just like Bennett, I think Bazz will be okay but he is not even close to a franchise player.. IMO, he is a chucker like JR Smith but not quite that good..

What is your list?

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Love: Lorenzo Brown - I like


Lorenzo Brown - I like taller PG's, and he really is a good playmaker and he has big talent.

Victor Oladipo - I honestly knew he was an NBA player when he was a Fr., but I did not know that he would be as good as he was this past season. Good for him. He's a hard worker with alot of size and big time athleticism.

Trey Burke- I want him to be a great player to prove that you dont have to be super tall or super athletic to be a good nba basketball player.


I have never really been a Mason Plumlee guy. He did get way better as a Sr., but he's always been a bit soft to me and I dont think he will defend well in the NBA. ALOT of big men did well against the Plumlee brothers in games I watched man.

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I didnt know Tyler was in

I didnt know Tyler was in this draft too lol

Im a big time Reggie Bullpck fan and hope he gets a look late 1st. He can shoot the lights out and rebounds well too.

I hate the hype Noel is getting as the top prospect.

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LoL.. Know.. I realized what

LoL.. Know.. I realized what I had done after it was too late to edit..

Hard to believe I am a fan when I dont even know his name, right?

My bad...

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Love: Ben Mclemore-want to

Love: Ben Mclemore-want to see him be successful because of past
Noel- He looks like he enjoys the game
Trey Burke-I'm a Michigan fan
Tim Hardaway Jr. I think people are sleeping on him...

Cody Zeller-overrated, he was exposed in that Syracuse game
Mason Plumlee-I don't see it.
Anthony Bennett-I think he's overrated, he's an undersized PF and not quick enough to play SF.

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Love Nerlens Noel Victor

Nerlens Noel
Victor Oladipo
CJ McCollum

Michael Carter-Williams
Mason Plumlee

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Love: Otto Porter Victor

Otto Porter
Victor Oladipo

Hate (based only on where they are slated to go):
Nerlens Noel
Ben McLemore

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Love: Nerlens Noel for a


Nerlens Noel for a guy who blocks shots, gets steals and isn't a shoot first guy. He can help your team without scoring. He probably needs to go to the exactly right spot for him to reach his full potential, but maybe I overrate shot blockers and athletes and guys who can run the floor, but I like his game.

Gorgui Dieng: Not as fluid and explosive as Noel but a sturdier guy who can play solid position defense as well as block shots. He can board, dunk, and do all the little things that solid big men do. I think he is a good center prospect. I like the guy and think the can hold his own against many centers.

Jeff Withey: My favorite center prospect outside the lottery. Has Nerlens Noel's shot blocking ability with Dieng's overall feel for the game and experience. Like the other two, he needs a great fit in order to thrive, but I like what he does. He is also a decent passer like the other two.


Cody Zeller: I don't really hate this guy, I actually root for him but I have to pick someone here. I don't like him as a top 5 pick, but he could be a steal in the late lotto. He doesn't stand out in any one area but he is really solid overall. He used to be overrated but now he might be underrated. I like the guy as a solid sleeper pick in the 10 to 15 range but I think he goes higher, and may disappoint teams who think they are getting a perennial all-star. He's also a 7 foot tweener who looks more like a power forward than a center. To me, he looks like an ideal third big man who can rebound some, score some, and run the floor pretty well. But, do you take a third big man in the top 8? I guess we will find out...

Archie Goodwin: Has talent, I don't hate him for that. But, he had so much potential and didn't really live up to it. Now, he just wants a pay check. Calipari said he couldn't get through to him. So, if he really is uncoachable then I don't like this guy.

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CJ McCollum
Jamaal Franklin

Anthony Bennett
Deshaun Thomas
Tony Snell
Cody Zeller

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Love: KCP- He'll be an


KCP- He'll be an absolute steal if he drops to the late lottery. He does all the things that a SG should do.

Alex Len- Has a good face up game and stroke. Once he develops a back to the basket game he'll be an All Star consideration

Ben Mclemore- Not worthy of the #1 status, but that's just a comment to the draft class. I love his skill set and believe he'll be great if he gets paired up with a good point guard.


MCW- Not sure how he'll contribute to an NBA team

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Love - Shabazz just seeing

Love - Shabazz just seeing him compete at the combine despite the rumors around him. Even though he didnt do well at the combine i still love his heart and dedication

Glen rice Jr - Made poor descion payed the price and everything worked out in his favor. Want to see him in a good situation

Mason - think his game will be better in the pros. Very agile and descent passer for his size. In highschool he use to bring the ball up and make plays.

Victor - I know this site is in love with him and he has his followers, i think that he is a great defender but wont make a top 10 pick difference. Not a great ballhandler and not a great shooter and to small for small forward postion.

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love: nerlens,isiah

love: nerlens,isiah cannon,mcw, nate wolters

hate:shabbazz, zeller, len, porter jr

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In general

Love the depth into the 2nd round

Hate the amount of tall guys who can't play who will taken ahead of guards who can

Rice Jr, hard away will be good as sons of former players generally are

KCP will be very good

Much more international flavor this year than in recent drafts

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Love: Trey Burke- "Small"

Trey Burke- "Small" true point guard with heart and skill to compliment it.
Mclamore: Shooting translates
Tony Mitchell: Reminds me of a young Kenyon Martin

Rudy Gobert- Alex Ajinca and Hasheem Thabeet come to mind.
MCW- Scoring ability is a huge concern, love his passing, but I also loved Kendal Marshalls passing ability.
Kelly Olynyk- I come from the WCC and wish him well but he doesn't have the length or athleticism to last in the paint, I see him being a pick an pop kind of guy who is a liability on defense.

Anthony Bennett- I loved him in college but wouldn't want my team to take him top 10. I also loved Jason Maxiell at Cincy and Bill Walker at K-State but didn't want my team to take them. I lack faith in Bennett staying in shape and staying healthy, he also isn't getting any taller.

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Great Post!!!!!!


1. Nate Wolters - He's a highly skilled point guard who has good size, very good scoring instincts, very good passing skills, and underrated playmaking skills. He has a great feel for the game and plays with a good combination of swagger and savvy. That I think will turn him into a solid starting point in the NBA one day. I actually think that his overall talent and skill level is very similar to Kirk Hinrich, Jose Calderon, and Sam Cassell

2. Lorenzo Brown - A very naturally talented and gifted basketball player who possesses a tremendous amount of potential. When he's playing at his best the game of basketball just comes very easy to him. He's a highly skilled point guard who has great size, great ball handling skills, and great passing skills. He can run a team from the point guard position in a highly efficient matter and he has the potential to be a dynamic defender and the potential to be a very creative & athletic finisher around the rim

3. Alex Len - I personally love talented centers who have a high all-around skill level. To me the game of basketball should be played inside then outside. Big men who can score on the low post, rebound, block shots, run the floor, and be talented passers will always make the game easier for everybody around them ( example: Marc Gasol ). Alex Len is intriguing to me because he has a very good all-around skill level and he has the potential to develop into a talented center who can score on the low post, shoot the midrange jumper, rebound, block shots, run the floor, and be a talented passer from the low post and high post. Alex can potentially develop into another Zydrunas Ilgauskas. I would personally take him over Nerlens Noel


1. Ben McLemore - Yes he's a great athlete who has the potential to develop into a talented shooter. But he also has average shot creating skills, average shot making skills, average playmaking skills, and average ball-handling skills. A very overhyped player in my opinion. Who will struggle to create high level offensive opportunities for himself and his teammates in the NBA

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Love:Trey Burke: I think

Trey Burke: I think he's going to be the best point guard his size since Chris Paul. Already has the confidence to be clutch from day one.

Ricky Ledo: This guy didn't play this year and it sucks, but I love his skill set. Unlike some of the lottery guards like Ben McLemore and Shabazz Muhammad, this guy has a great handle. In addition to that, he's a scorer. 6'7" 2 guard with the handle and skills to play some point as well. That intrigues me. He's like last years Tony Wroten (with a shooting touch).

Shabazz Muhammad: I know his stock keeps falling, but I still think he's one of the best players in the draft, or at least will become one of the best players in this draft. The only thing that's missing from his game that would have made him the consensus number 1 pick is a decent handle. Still like Bazz as a prospect and hope he makes people regret doubting him at the next level.

Dennis Schroeder: Rajon Rondo with a jump shot. Bright future for him in this league.


Anthony Bennett: So many people are praising this guy, but I just can't help but think he's going to be one of those guys that will struggle to get playing time during his rookie season (similar to Thomas Robinson and Tristan Thompson who were drafted in a similar position to where Bennett is projected.)

Nerlens Noel: I don't really hate this guy, but I think he has no chance to be the 1st pick ever since we found out he was only 206 lbs. He's definitely has potential, but he's far from the safe pick you want in as a first overall pick.

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Love: Noel, Shabazz, MCW,


Noel, Shabazz, MCW, Bennett, Bullock, Ledo, Lorenzo Brown, CJ Leslie, Len, Plumlee

Don't Love:

Oladipo, Burke, Mclemore, Olynk

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I love the infusion of young TALENT that this draft class has at the Shooting Guard position.

My top 5 2 guards goes as follows

1. Shabazz Muhammad: Say what you want about him but I like my players to be Uber competitive. Regardless of how far he rises or falls on draft day I see him always having a chip on his shoulder. He will use that proverbial chip on his shoulder correct his deficiencies (ie. his conditioning and playing shape, his lack of a right hand, and his upright ball handling ability. Bold Prediction. Rookie of the year I can feel it in the air
*I love lefty's*

2. Ben Mclemore: B-Mac has all the tools don't get me wrong but can he harness his un-tapped potential. He is a hard worker as well so I believe his game will be polished sooner rather than later. BUT can he ever turn the corner and become the man. I see a lot of Harrison Barnes in this guy from the standpoint of him "disappearing" from games as a wing. In all actuality He differed at times to the upperclassmen & big men around him a la Barnes with Zeller & Henson, He will be scary good if drafted buy my Magic! BP:3+ time All-Star

3: Ricardo Ledo: This guy IMHO looks the part. Swagger Right #Check Game Tight #Check He has a tight handle and that Killer Instinct that we want Bazz/B-Mac to have. Too bad he couldn't show that on the big stage at Providence. I believe he will be a lottery pick on draft day. He has the best ALL AROUND GAME OF THE @GUARDS in this DRAFT. BP: 20 ppg scorer in 4 years in the RIGHT situation

4: Victor "Fly High" Oladipo: As everybody states he his the best 2way 2guard in this draft. A Definite top 10 talent based on Instant impact. He is ready to contribute. He is the Sexy prospect out of this years 2guard class. BP: He will average double digits as a rookie and up his teams wins by 10- 13 games. He's a gamer

5: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: KCP is a BALLER. I've always enjoyed watching him playe the shooting guard position since he was a junior in high school on the AAU circut. & What he did on that outclassed Georgia team with defenses keying in on him was nothing short of sensational. BP: Career PPG: 16.2 he's that good

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I really like Gorgui Dieng -

I really like

Gorgui Dieng - think he can be a beast on defense at the next level
Victor Oladipo- super exciting dude to watch
Trey Burke - just a filthy point guard, people will regret passing on him
Kelly Olynyk - the skill level is out of this world, he's got a lot of Pau Gasol type traits
Livion Jean-Charles - think hes very talented and underappreciated
Anthony Bennett - beast, larry johnson/corliss williamson level of beast

not sold on

Otto Porter - pretty passive, slim, not overly aggressive enough
Michael Carter-Williams - cant shoot
BJ Young - dont like his attitude
Ricky Ledo - should have gone a different route instead of declaring this year
Cody Zeller - shoots wild shots often

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Love: Jeff Withey - The guy


Jeff Withey - The guy was so monstrous at the college level, he was really a joy to watch. When you can see a guy tally games of 9, 12, 7, 8 and countless other high block games, it's really fun to see a guy just destroy an offensive scheme or entire front courts, especially without fouling everything in sight. No, I don't think he's going to be a star, but I do think he'll have a fine career as a backup and part time starter. God put Jeff Withey to do two things, block shots and chew bubble gum and he's been all out of bubble gum for the past two years.


Ricky Ledo - I get it, the guy has a nice mix tape, and a big hype following him from out of high school, but he's a chucker, a below average athlete, with a checkered past, not to mention he's going to be a 21 year old rookie who hasn't played a game against above high school caliber competition. I don't get why people love him, and want him to be picked up in the 1st round. He's going to be a D-Leaguer, even if he is a gifted scorer, I don't think he will be at the level needed for him to play in the NBA.

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Thanks for two things... 1) siding with me on Withey for the last couple of years and 2) dropping a "They Live" quote. You rock...rock...rock

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Love Dipo, Porter and Burke.


Dipo, Porter and Burke. Also like Withey and Saric


Not a fan of Bennet, Zeller or Plumlee

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