Love Trade from a Wolves Fan Persepective

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Love Trade from a Wolves Fan Persepective

I know people are probably sick of the Love trade threads, but I have to post one more now that it's all said and done. As is the case with most competent Wolves fans, I couldn't be more happy with this trade.

I'm not mad at Love at all. Honestly, when you think about it Love saved the Wolves franchise. He could have kept quiet, played out the season, and left next offseason leaving us with nothing. Instead, he said he wouldn't resign here giving us the chance to make a move that ended up working out great for both sides.

This is the first time since KG left that I've truly had hope for this franchise. The Love and Rubio teams were fun and had everyone in Minnesota optimistic, but deep down I never had the feeling that team would be able to do much more than sneaking into the playoffs and exiting in the first round. Now this team has real hope. Wiggins provides a potential cornerstone and young players like Rubio, Lavine, Gorgui, Bennett, and Bazz should be a great young core moving forward. I know it would be very difficult to make the playoffs in the next few years, but I think this team will be better than people think. There are a decent amount of solid veterans like Pek, Brewer, Martin, and now Thad that will keep this team competetive in the short-term while the group of young guys develops.

The past ten years have been painful for Wolves fans, but now we actually have something to be legitimately excited for. Can't wait to see how it all plays out!

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Honestly your overly

Honestly your overly optimistic.

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crazy luck

Hi, you should be more than satisfied with this crushing blow to the cavs long term success. Coming from a cavs fan perspective like my own, I have to admit I really don't like this trade at all.

For starters, Cleveland overpaid for a 1 yr rental of Kevin Love, and even though he may have every intention of signing with the Cavs longterm, if things don't pan out for him, cavs fans will hate on him enough that he will bail. this city has no patience with the nba process.

To make matters worse they still have not addressed holes in thier defense. They should have demanded Dieng or at least got philly to part with Noel.They could have offered 2 of their 3 non guaranteed contracts to get that done,heck even a selfish chucker like shabazz would have been better than waiters.

Now If and only If Kevin Love signs in Cleveland long term,than I can somewhat buy into this deal. The Cavs did what they had to did to Love, even though they overpaid,they got him.I would not have done it,I would have offered Love alot of money to come to Cleveland in f/a next summer and if he really wanted to play with lebron and kyrie he would have taken less to do so.

If Kevin Love does in fact leave Cleveland after one season,it will go down as the biggist disaster trade in cavs history,(provided of course that Bennett and Wiggins have stellar careers and launch the t-wolves into championship contention within a few seasons).

I have a cavs wiggins jersey that somebody needs to pay me back for what a con game.... sell jerseys than trade the player.

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I think Minn. did themselves

I think Minn. did themselves pretty good, if I were a wolves fan I'd be excited about the future, Wiggins has the potential to be a franchise player, Bennett should be a solid stretch 4 in a few years, Young is already a solid starting caliber player, these 3 plus, LaVine, Gorgui, Rubio, & Bazz give Minn. a solid group to work with and build upon. Good luck Wolves.

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considering the

considering the circumstances, the wolves have to feel good getting what they got for a guy who was on his way out. But lets be real, love was not the reason the wolves werent winning and making the playoffs. He is a cornerstone player, he just didnt have enough help around him. And as for wiggins, lets give him some time before we start labeling him great. His last meaningful college game, he was shut down by josh huestis and went 1-6 and had as many turnovers as points. Wolves fans just have to hope he can maybe one day be as valuable as what love was.

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The Wolves did well considering the circumstances. The Wolves have a chance to do well next year if they remain healthy and keep their rotation in place as theit Roster will remain mostly intact. Love is a talented player but he isn't irreplaceable.

His stats haven't translated to many wins yet the way they should've. With LeBron I think he will be awesome on the court but his points and rebounds will be less. His assists should be in 5+ range and there should be many Cavs highlight on any given night.

Wiggins, Bennet and Young if they fit well with the Wolves will make them one of the deepest teams in the league. Love can not be replaced by any one player but it isn't as if the Wolves just lost LeBron to Miami in his prime... the Wolves will survive this traee atleast as well as tge Cavs.

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Every single Wolves fan loves

Every single Wolves fan loves the trade. And why wouldn't they? They got an amazing return on a guy who wasn't going to resign. You compare this trade to the trade Orlando made with Howard, and this trade trumps that one ten fold. That's why I never thought the Cavs would have to give up Wiggins. In these types of deals, teams receiving the superstar never have to give up a lot. Wiggins is by far the best return the Wolves could have asked for.

Either way, great deal for both teams. The Cavs, although already being favorites, just increased their chances at a ship. And Minnesota gets a guy with ridiculous upside. Well done fellas. All I know is if I were the Cavs GM, I would have done everything in my power to keep Wiggins and still get Love. Maybe it wasn't possible, but when you have the leverage, I think it could have happened. Minnesota was in a corner. Either trade Love for something, or lose him with nothing in return.

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yeah T-wolves win this deal if Love bails Cleveland

T-wolves did not deserve to get what they got, they should have gotten waiters and bennett not wiggins and bennett, or wiggins and thompson. Cavs rookie gm has nothing to do with this either,its all on Dan Gilbert and his pitch to get James to come home.

I guarantee you there have been conversations with Love and him signing in Cleveland (which is against League policy) but all parties involved are hush hush and there is no proof.

I now believe the Cavs picked Wiggins with full intention of trading him for Kevein Love and never intended on keeping him, regardless of if Lebron James came home. But once the option to offer it as a pitch to get James worked, all the more reason to think Gilbert planned this from day 1.

most of the coaching staff wanted to keep Wiggins because waiters is a horrible fit next to Irving and Wiggins is a lock to be the best on ball defender in this league in 2 years. Plus the endorsements for the highlights will be enormous revenue.

I guess Gilbert is sick of losing and think Love is the final piece.

They should not have traded wiggins because they didnt have to, they could have still gotten love in cleveland after next season on their terms, kept wiggins and traded bennett or waiters or both for a center that isn;t injury prone and can actually defend the rim.

no, the timberwolves lost a great player, but if they are at all thinking they did'nt get enough they are insane.

Silver obviously wasn't touching this even though another big 3 is horrible for the league.

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It's kind of a trip if you

It's kind of a trip if you look at the different career paths of the players on Minnesota's roster, and what lead to them arriving there. With Wiggins, Rubio, Bennett, and Shabazz you have four young players who were talented enough to be number one overall draft picks, or at least we're widely considered to be at one time. You could even add Lavine to that group to make five; you could easily make an arguement that he has that kind of talent. Had he stayed at UCLA I guarantee he would be number one on mocks next year.

I don't think Snowta is being overly optimistic at all. The Kevin Love thing wasn't going to end well if they hadn't pulled the trigger. If you ask me they got a lot of talent in return for him. Furthermore, I'm not sure Love complemented Rubio the way the wanted, and I really don't think he and Pekovic playing together was ever a smart idea. There is nobody protecting the rim whatsoever when they are on the court together. Two excellent players, but defensively that lineup was doomed to fail. Losing Love is a blow, but I think the franchise is in a better situation to build a contender than they have been in years.

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poor drafting than solid drafting and trading the solid away

Cavs have invested too much money now in old role players and 3 allstars. Waiters and Thompson were the 2 dumbest draft picks the Cavs org made in the past 4 seasons. Some would argue it was Bennett,but I believe he will prove to have been a much better prospect than Thompson for certain. But he also was not really the best player on the board,just a result of mistakes in the past 2 drafts.

Just look at who the Cavs past on for those players:

In 2011 Irving was a no-brainer, but Valenciunas was who they should have taken hands down.However taking only one rookie to camp seems to be the justification used for passing on Jonas. Dumb.They could have also taken Klay thompson,Kawhi Leonard,Vucevic or even tobias harris and gotten a better haul than tristan thompson. (Tristan has come along well, but has never proven to be more than a fringe starter on a bad team). Poor scouting? they also could have taken chandler parsons in the second round.

In the 2012 Waiters draft they passed on Drummond,Barnes,Ross etc. I did like the trade with Dallas to get Zeller,but he is no longer with the team. so they could have gotten jeff taylor,plumlee,jones,ezeli,or even quincy miller at 24 and traded their 2nd rounders for a late first and taken a 2nd of those listed.

in last years draft they did the right thing and took Bennett despite his poor rookie season due to health issues and a longer than expected shoulder sugery to shot mechanics return to form., but also passed up on potentialy better fits next to irving in mclemore and oladipo and caldwell-pope.(becuase they already screwed up taking waiters the previous season) . Heck they even made up for that by getting karesev but traded him away also. They should have taken Dieng,Plumlee or Gobert and kept the player.

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