Love needs to get Traded

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Love needs to get Traded

Stiemsma's team now, he is beating the Magic by himself

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I thought someone banned you?

I thought someone banned you?

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No. EDEDisgone you are

No. EDEDisgone you are wrong.

But it is worth mentioning that the Wolves are playing some great team basketball in the early going this year.

Shved has been showing a lot of promise, both as a scorer and facilitator (very quick with/without the ball, quick release, good elevation, sound passing and ballhandling, I'm sold). AK-47 looks like he's in great shape. Stiemsma is playing great defense with some surprising contributions on the offensive end as well. Pekovic is still a man down low. Budinger has been very effective spotting up. Barea has been the usual sparkplug. Even tonight Derrick Williams played really well. Roy has been playing tentative but a great passer (9 assists tonight). Rick Adelman still really knows his business.....

I know, I know, it's only been 4 games.. But it's been a long offseason and it's awesome to see the Wolves string some wins together...

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Why doesnt this site ban

Why doesnt this site ban people who are oviously trolling? i go to another forum which does. For like the people who say stuff like this or darko should be mvp.

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You are talking about a

You are talking about a player who has led the league in rebounds and won a three point shooting contest... Go troll on fb or Twitter.

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