Love a max guy?

So the Wolves have a chance to lock K-Love up for 4-5 years if they sign him this month to an extension. My question for you all is, is K-Love worth a max contract?

My answer...YES!

I know what the critics say... He puts up big stats on losing teams. He is slow and unathletic. He doesn't lead his team to victories.

But here is what I've seen... He has improved drastically every single year in the league. He is more fit and athletic this year, and is playing at a whole new level. His D is improved, as is his range and post moves. He is one of the best (if not the best) rebounders in the NBA. So far this season, which I realize is a small sample size, he is playing as the BEST PF in the game. And that is pure fact. I know Blake is a beast who dominates athletically, but I still would take Love...he just has so much to his game, and doesn't need to rely on athleticism. BUT the biggest change is in his leadership this year. He is leading by example, but also being more vocal and holding guys accountable. The Wolves are starting to look like a real deal team, and K-Love is the main reason for that.

I would give Love a very nice contract offer, though try to convince him that it would be beneficial to the franchise and him if the team could maintain a little cap flexibility. I'm thinking around a 5-year $68 million extension would be in the right neighborhood.


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I have been wrestling with

I have been wrestling with this idea for awhile. I came to the same conclusion as you did. They just need his presense on the boards, and we have the cap room available... We do need to actually make some moves in free agency this coming summer to convince him to stay though, get a real sg not a 5 ft version (i hated the barea move, he may be good but he was expensive and NOT needed), and a real center would be cool (darko is way too ineffective).. Interesting to see where the wolves go with this... They have a lot of mismatched pieces that don't fit together well.. IMO it's time to shed the excess while they still have trade value

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