Love and the new Cavs

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Love and the new Cavs

So this morning I read about Love going to the Cavs, cool? As I was doing some yard work I starting thinking about the new Cavs roster and the T-Wolves? I understand Love's talent level, however does he really make a team better? I know over his time up in Minnesota, that roster wasn't filled with All-Star talent, but he did have some talent. In my years playing and watching basketball, there as been player that put up large numbers, but they don't really make their team that much better. In Minnesota Love did have a nice PG that ran the offense well, some good wings and a decent big man in the middle. And their bench wasn't bad. I know the West is tough to make the playoffs, but if you check out the T-Wolves roster and their record, they should've finish better, right? Just wondering, I could be totlally wrong? Yes he can rebound, pass, score, but again, does he really make his team better?

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T-wolves the team to watch

Anyone else excited in watching the T-wolves. Rubio, LaVine, Wiggins.

They should trade Pekovic to the Celtics for say Sullinger or another young piece and embrace the full rebuild.

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Future looks bright in

Future looks bright in Minnesota, if they can resign these guys after rookie contracts

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