Louisville 13-14

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Louisville 13-14

The defending champions will definitely be losing a lot of talent with Peyton Siva graduating and with Gorgui Dieng and Russ Smith likely leaving for the NBA. Kevin Ware was starting to step up giving him potential for next year before he suffered that extremely ugly injury which I'm pretty sure that he'll have to redshirt next season unfortunately. With Chane Behanon and Wayne Blackshear now stepping up as leaders, it's gonna be a very different team after losing their big 3. Adding two very highly touted PG's, Terry Rozier the 5 star post graduate incoming Freshmen and the JUCO player of the year, Chris Jones. Could former ESPN100 Center Zach Price make the jump from sitting the bench his first two years to starting the next year, similar to what Jeff Withey went through?

Here's my projected lineup
C Zach Price
F Chane Behanon
F Montrezl Harrell
G Wayne Blackshear
G Terry Rozier

2nd String
Akoy Agau (#76 in 2013 ESPN100)
Stephan Van Treese
Luke Hancock
Anton Gill (#44 in 2013 ESPN100)
Chris Jones

It's too difficult to decide who should start at the point between Terry Rozier and Chris Jones but right now I'd go with Rozier. Chris Jones the #1 JUCO prospect and former HS teammate of Adonis Thomas could very well end up starting at the point. I'm expecting Luke Hancock to be their sixth man and their leading 3 point shooter. They are very limited at the center position. With Chane Behanon only being 6'7 he won't be able to take Gorgui Dieng's responsibilities. Zach Price may have not received much playing time his first two seasons for the Cards but I believe that he can step up and take a Jeff Withey or Josh Harrellson role to go from sitting the bench the previous year to becoming the starting Center.

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I expect Behanan and Harrell

I expect Behanan and Harrell to be the starting frontcourt. Van Treese would start over Price too if having C size was a necessity. Harrell might be slightly undersized but he's athletic and really long with good strength.
I don't see why Hancock should still be their 6th man. He could easily still start on the wing with Blackshear. They're gonna need his shooting and poise in the starting lineup with a relatively inexperienced PG at the helm. The toughest call might be the PG position. Both Rozier and Jones are more scoring guards, but I think Jones will start over Rozier because of experience. Rozier's gonna be a good one though. I think he gets discounted for his class because he's a 5th yr guy.

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I think next years team is

I think next years team is going to be good.I really like Rozier. He is going to fit in well. But I expect Wayne to have a big year. He has a lot of potential and this is the perfect time to step up.

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Kevin Ware anyone?

Kevin Ware anyone?

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He probably won't be playing

He probably won't be playing next year.

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Starting Lineups gonna be: G-

Starting Lineups gonna be:

G- Terry Rozier
G- Kevin Ware
F- Wayne Blackshear
F- Chane Behannan
F- Montrezl Harrell

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Kevin Ware will be back next year for sure. He's supposed to be back within 8-12 weeks from the injury. Louisville will be just as deep next year, but not as much talent without Siva/Smith/Dieng.

G- Jones/Rozier/Henderson
G- Ware/Anton Gill
F- Hancock/Blackshear
F- Behanan/Harrell/Agau
C- Van Treese/Price/Mangok Mathiang (redshirt freshman)

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IDK, picking between Rozier

IDK, picking between Rozier and Jones is tough.

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