Lottery Protected?

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Lottery Protected?

Can someone tell me what this means? Cavs receive the Kings 2012 first-round pick lottery protected in the 2012 Draft, top 13 protected in 2013, top 12 in 2014, top 10 protected in 2015 and 2016, otherwise a 2nd round pick in 2017 () I thought that the lottery was the first three picks and then they go from who has the worst record and so on? Does this mean if the Kings get one,two,or three the Cavs don't get there pick, or from 1 to 14?

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Lottery is the first 14 picks

Lottery is the first 14 picks

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The only get the pick this

The only get the pick this year if the King make the playoffs which means its top 14 protected and the protection decreases by one year, and if we haven't receive the pick by 2016 we would get thier 1st round pick unoprotected and their second round pick. At least this was how i understood it when the trade went down.

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All 14 teams are in the

All 14 teams are in the lottery and have a chance to get 1 of the top 3 picks

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It means the Cavs dont get the pick until

two thousand forever or until the Kings are a t least decent. The lottery is the first 14 picks of teams not in the playoffs. The Cavs get the pick this year only if the Kings make the playoffs, every year the protection wains a little bit. The Kings have to be on the verge of the playoffs for the Cavs to get the pick over the next couple years. If you enter the mock 2012 link on the home page and scroll down it detals the status and specifics of the pick.

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