Lottery Picks Playing in 09/10 Playoffs

Which, if any of this year's lottery picks will make it to the playoffs, and of them how will they controbute to their teams in the playoffs?

I will guess that Blake Griffin, DeMar DeRozan, and Tyler Hansbrough will all make it to the playoffs.


Griffin will contribute in a big way (as a starter, with big numbers - 18 and 10). He will bring his work boots to every game.

Hansbrough will enable his team to make it to the playoffs (through his toughness and energy in practice), but will not play starters' minutes, and will have moderate statistical production (8 and 5). This could be low, as he could develop into a main option in the post.

DeRozan will play starters' minutes, but have moderate statistical production (around 8, 5, and 1 stl), as he will have more of a defensive role in his first year. He will become much more valuable as the Raps run more (Calderone and Hedo are both dangerous passers on the break).

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If anyone is going to make

If anyone is going to make the playoffs I believe it will be the thunder. They are the next team in the west with Pheonix, Houston, NO, and Dallas falling right now. GS and the thunder will be in the playoffs next year to replace Houston and Dallas. Mark my words.

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You have the Clippers making it to the playoffs, in the WEST? That is an absolute joke.

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Wow ... you did not like the

Wow ... you did not like the predictions. I got shut down ... ha!

It is possible. But more importantly, based on the teams in this years' lottery, it is entirely possible that none make it. It is much more possible that one does. Yes the Clippers are VERY BAD as an organization, but they have the pieces to do very well (see below). The biggest thing holding them back from being in the playoffs seems to have been that they are the Clippers.

PG: Baron Davis (past prime) - If he is healthy
SG: Eric Gordon/Q - People have Gordon emerging in a big way this year.
SF: Al Thornton/ Novak (for 3) - Solid SF
PF: Blake Griffin/ Marcus Camby
C: Chris Kaman/ Marcus Camby/ Jordan

But if they don't make it, who does? Good point on the Thunder, but they still had a very weak record last year, and while talented, their roster is still very young/inexperienced.

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