Lorenzen's Wright's Wife has hired a Criminal Lawyer

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Lorenzen's Wright's Wife has hired a Criminal Lawyer

WREG- TV in Memphis reported on Saturday that slain former NBA Star Lorenzen Wright's ex-wife has hired a criminal defense attorney..After Police questioned her on friday...
The Wright murder is a very tragic case..1 weird unusual thing that happen is his ex-wife reported that 3 armed men arrived at her home looking for Wright..But she said she was afraid to report it..
Memphis PD see her as a person of interest...And she might have more information about the case...She has also refused to let police talk to her kids......

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gold digger

gold digger

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more like a shady whor-e, if

more like a shady whor-e, if u ask me

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dont know the details, but

dont know the details, but why the hell would you not report that 3 armed men were looking for your husband? Way to watch out for your man ms wright.

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She needs to tell every thing to the lawyer because without sharing truth the lawyer will not come to know about the actual situation. She must contact any reputed criminal lawyer boston or any other criminal attorney for legal assistance.

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