Looks like Dario Saric may be staying in the draft after all.

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Looks like Dario Saric may be staying in the draft after all.

I got neg-repped pretty hard for saying he hasn't actually withdrawn yet, and it looks like he may stay in:

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New Nickname

With all his flip flopping can we start calling him Euro Dwight now?

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Saric himself never said

Saric himself never said that he may be withdrawing. This was clearly a tactic from his agent...vile creatures.

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I think he has a better

I think he has a better chance of going high in this draft than next, unless he makes a lot of improvement over the next year.

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He should stay in regardless

He should stay in regardless of if he stays in europe or not.

He is one of the best international talent out there this or next year and imo he should stay one year and come over next year with playing time in 13/14 with his club and come over next year to slip into a starting role or 6th man role next year. He is very talented and already delivering but still too young to mess with all the hybrid wing forwards in the NBA. One year playing more top level in the euro league will do wonders for him. People tend to forget about how good he is already and will be wondering how good of a prospect he really is!

Next years wing depth is so much better than this years and money(draft position) wise he should really stay in and come over next year.

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Cibona GM Vlado Vanjak "Dario

Cibona GM Vlado Vanjak

"Dario Saric has not withdrawn from the draft, according to Cibona GM Vlado Vanjak.
Vanjak said that Saric will "definitely play in Cibona next season," and Saric will make his final decision "in a couple of days." If Saric stays in, he's likely to be a lottery pick and has a real chance to be selected inside the top ten picks."

I thnk it was his menager who wannted to get promise. Imo, now sice Spahija is back in Cibona after 12 years (considerd best Croatian coach) we can be sure Saric will stay for atleast year in Cibona and actally said Saric is one of resons he decided to comback. It's now only question how that will afect draft

btw....there is intresting conection with Pelicans who look to be most intrested in Saric with Saric curent club Cibona. Their GM Dell Demps who was twice in Croatia this season played for Cibona back in 98.99. season. Was not very good, played only few games in EL and Croatian legue. CIbona that season had 3 future NBA-ers. Giricak, Atkins and Bagaric

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I like Giannis more but hope

I like Giannis more but hope he falls to 16. The Green Freak. Keep him overseas but have him play summer league, unless rondo is traded.

Giannis is like a hybrid of MCW and Noel. Two way terror. Broader shoulders than Durant for strong physique in due course.

Saric seems like soley a 4, but doesnt have good tools for the job devensively. Now that Giannis' late growth spurt is ending, he's going to start filling out. He's already starting to.

These two guys will probably be compared to each other for a long time. These guys are both real real point forwards, and good ones, and 18.

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U guys think he is trying to

U guys think he is trying to scare off some teams on purpose

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