Lonzo Ball

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Lonzo Ball

ok i know it's just one game and bla bla bla but.. may be i'm bias cause i got to admit that i'm in love with his game but to me this guy should be the future nº1 pick in the draft..

he's just special, he's got that aura, "that thing" that separates good players from great players, every thing he does comes easy, like if he just was predestined and couldn't do anything about it..he just seems to be in the right place at the right time, that place where things "happen" without forcing, just riding the wave to stardom..

he looks like an updated version of jason kidd..

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facts.. top 5

facts.. top 5

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I'm not sure about #1 cause

I'm not sure about #1 cause I'd have to see how Harry Giles, Josh Jackson, and Dennis Smith Jr. look later in the season. But I've been thinking that he's been underrated on here, if I needed a true PG I'd take him in a heartbeat. He looks like the perfect game manager, and just seems to have "it."

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I think I might be his

I think I might be his biggest fan here. Im also a fan of the youngest brother Melo. I remember a while back when he was a senior and I made a thread asking if/when he was gonna become the number 1 PG in his class and it happenned a little while after haha. In terms of running the offense, no other PG prospect comes close in recent memory. He has an ugly shot but it still works for him and he is a great off ball defender. Not to mention his great size for the position along with his very good athleticism. I would take him first overall if I was a gm and needed a PG

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For Anthony Davis's sake, I'd

For Anthony Davis's sake, I'd love for him to go to New Orleans. I'm not sure if he'd be the best fit in Philly or Orlando, Phoenix maybe but they'd have to trade Bledsoe for something

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I actually live on the same

I actually live on the same floor as Lonzo at UCLA and watch him practice at Wooden Center courts also. One thing people don't realize is that even though he has a disgusting looking jump shot, he can hit from out to 35 feet. I read an article about how his dad taught all three of the sons to pull up from anywhere if they had an open shot and that he made them practice shots from all over the court out to 35 feet from the basket. It's true, I've watched this guy in the gym practicing from ridiculous ranges with pretty good results. People will try to hold this form against him and say it'll be hard for him to improve his jumper, but his jumper is far from broken and he's got the confidence to let it fly. It's going to be a fun year of basketball here in Westwood.

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Not sure if he is under rated as such

If I'm going by the mocks on here they have him top 5 which seems like a fair range at this point.

To be honest this draft reminds me of the 2009 draft a lot. Really guard heavy with the odd other position

sprinkled in for good measure.

If I was Ball I would be hoping for one of these 5 teams to pick me:

Nola-Will get minutes and gets to play with A.D only question is will there be any other pgs on the team.

Dallas- They will probably have no PG+ I could see Carlise helping manage the offense while he got used to NBA

Sacramento-As crazy as that sounds he would start straight away if Collison and lawson aren't brought back..The only thing it will depend on if they go full rebuild and trade cousins to how much restrictions you may have.

Miami- if they trade Goran away..As he could start from Day one way as long as his defense is up to scratch.

Brooklyn(Boston pick) if somehow he slipped in the draft Brooklyn would mean a lot of minutes for him and maybe even a 6th man role to start with or starter if he out plays Lin..Which would still be a lot of minutes.

Teams he may not want to end up on:

Washington- He would be stuck behind John wall and would be either waiting until they trade J.W or J.W gets injured for significant minutes..

Phoenix-Guard log jam currently.Unless you trade one of Bledsoe/Knight

Philly-Simmons will probably be handling the ball a lot. Well unless you don't mind coming off the bench to get your stats/Minutes..

Boston(Brooklyn pick)-Guard log jam and judgeing by how the last lot of rookies didn't crack the rotation this could prove challenging.. Well unless they trade this pick to a team where they need a PG..

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He is everything I wanted MCW

He is everything I wanted MCW to be when the Sixers drafted him...with a 3pt shot. Sixers can go ahead and draft this kid anywhere they want.

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Guy has great size for a PG

Guy has great size for a PG and in this scoring PG era, he is a throw back to the creative PGs which were the norm until a few years ago.

When looking at the early mock drafts - him going to Dallas at 4 jumps out as perfect fit. He could be the sort of guy who Dallas could rebuild around with Barnes, if D-Will was still there he'd have a good mentor and if not I'm sure Dallas would get a good veteran in to help him along.

NOP would also be a nice fit, he'd have AD to create for and have Buddy Hield as a potential backcourt running mate.

It is early days yet draft stockwise and with 4 PGs and a combo guard in Fultz all in the top 8 of this site's early mocks for next year, a lot will depend on how all these guys shape up.

For some reason there is something in my mind which makes me think Lonzo could be the sort of player a team might really look to trade up into the lottery to get. Possibly because he is a creative PG and a lot of contending teams have proven scorers and may want another creative outlet.

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I'm just so bummed he wasn't

I'm just so bummed he wasn't in the Hoop Summit. Not getting to see Ball, Giles, or Dennis Smith is what made it so boring.

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Don't bother watching Dennis

Don't bother watching Dennis this season, I thought he would improve his shooting but he didn't and NC State's coach isn't using him right.

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Haven't seen him play

Haven't seen him play yet...though I saw the highlights the other night where he had like a tip dunk in transition or a dunk on somebody. Didn't know he had that bounce - not that its something I care about much when evaluating PGs.

I will say this...from everything I've read on this specific forum thread, I haven't seen anybody say he plays defense. I've heard he's not much of a defender from other analysts as well.

Is that something that people are going to overlook because he's so good at everything else? Does he play good defense and maybe I've misread that? Or is a lack of defense something that might keep him from being a No. 1 overall pick?

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Lonzo ball is the only one I

Lonzo ball is the only one I see being gd to great in this draft everyone else is iffy take him number 1 the choice is clear

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ok, just finished watching

ok, just finished watching highlights of Pacific being taken back in the woodshed, and Lonzo is for real. He has that Grant Hill effect where he is gliding around like everyone else is under water, then he surprises you with his athletisism. Can go 1 on 1 but perfectly content to play within the team game.

What is the word on TJ Leaf ? He would of had a cult following had he gone to SDSU.

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