Lillard to work with Payton over the summer

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Lillard to work with Payton over the summer

Damian Lillard was the runaway winner of this seasons Rookie of the Year award and while he's happy with his offense, the same can't be said about his defense. With that in mind, Lillard is planning to spend part of the offseason working with fellow Oakland native and former defensive ace Gary Payton.

“The more time Dame spends with Gary this offseason, the more I know Dame will respect that he has to give an incredible effort on the defensive end,’’ Blazers general manager Neil Olshey told The Oregonian. “Because if Gary is going to invest time in him talking about defense, Damian is the type of kid who will feel like he has to deliver.’’

There is no set time for Lillard and Payton to meet up, but they're likely to work out several times in the summer with the focus on defense.

“Gary said ‘This kid has more than I ever had, than Jason Kidd ever had, than Brian Shaw ever had,’’ Aaron Goodwin said. “Now, this is big, because Gary always considered himself the best. And he said ‘I want to help this kid get his defense down. Because if he gets better defensively, he will be the best to ever come out of the California area.’ "

Goodwin represented Payton when he played and is now Lillard's agent.

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Good for Damian!

Most players now days don't seek out legends for help until they're already in their prime or even after their prime. Damian seeking Payton for guidance so early on in his career is very wise. He already has limitless potential and I think this just raises the bar even higher.

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Im soo happy that young guys

Im soo happy that young guys like dame are going to the greats for help early on in their career unlike the very expensive amare stoudemire

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Payton said he's going to

Payton said he's going to work with Wall this summer too.

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This is what

Seperates good general management, and good players from the poor managment and underachieving players of the league. Things like this are very good to hear. The guy doesn't stop working, and is going to improve his defense during the off season. While his GM full well knows about it, and supports him.

: ( I hope Sacramento can follow suit.
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