"Let's Talk About": NoMoney-Third in a Series

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"Let's Talk About": NoMoney-Third in a Series

You know the rules. But all the past links and stuff are in the above link^

Some say he's the funniest poster and, had he not been above putting his own name on the ballot, might be our MVP right now. He's knowledgeable, he's easy to get along with, and he makes McDunkin bring his A-Game! Gimme your thoughts on ButIDon'tHaveTheMoney

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Will go on the Mount Rushmore

Will go on the Mount Rushmore of when it is all said and done. He can always defend his arguements but then take a break and and join the off-topic-ers and come up with some impressive pics/GIFs. I once called him the "forum condom" because he will always protect us and comes up clutch when we need him most (example, if there is an arguement, he will come in and settle it. Or if someone is immature and says, "Thats GAY" then NoMoney would be the type of person to go on a rant on what "gay" really means and make that immature poster feel/look so dumb)

It's the little things like that make him respected IMO. He may have No Money, but his presence is priceless!

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No Money is one of the

No Money is one of the smarter guys on this site, he doesn't talk ball a lot, but whenever he does it's somthing really insightfull. McDunkin might be really funny by way of gifs, but no money does it with good old fashion jokes, great poster.

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After JNix ,NoMoney might be

After JNix ,NoMoney might be the 2nd best Draft Talent Evaluator out of all of the posters on this site...

Sometimes it takes me awhile to get his Jokes,But when i do i laugh me A$$ OFF!!!!

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I honestly don't know why

I honestly don't know why you'd choose him to talk about because how can you not like him? He's great with off-topic stuff, he knows the game well, and he's an understanding guy in arguments. He's probably the hardest guy on the site to dislike.

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