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I know a lot of people don't take Ainge seriously when he says "We're not tanking", but I think he's for real, and I do think the Celtics have a good team this year. First off, the Celtics have a handful of playes with good basketball IQ's. Not just above average, but GREAT, and understand the game of basketball. Guys like Green, Rondo, Olynyk, and Sully all know how to play, and what to do to win games.

I also like the big men that Danny brought in. While they won't bring up memories of Karl Malone or Shawn Kemp, they still can get the job done. All of them can pass extremely well (Well, except no pass Bass), and they know their roles on the team. They stretch and run the floor well, and all of them can guard multiple positions if needed. There were times tonight on pick and roles where LeBron was matched up on Bass and couldn't do anything against him.

And lastly I would like to point out our guard rotation. We all know that guys like Rondo, Bradley, and Lee (I actually think he's average on D, but people think otherwise) are good defenders, and all of them are unselfish. I think it's this unselfish aproach, and high understanding of the game of basketball which makes the Celtics a decent team.

Now I'm not talking about a top 4 team in the East, but when Rondo comes back I wouldn't be surprised if they made the playoffs. When I look at a team like the Knicks I can't help but feel the Celtics are almost at that level when Rondo comes back. I just think people need to stop giving them the "tanking" moniker, and watch them play a little. They've been fun to watch so far. What do you guys think?

And all of this was type before Green made that shot! Good game Miami, I'm still in shock

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Lets be honest, they're

Lets be honest, they're tanking, and if they dont tank they will be the new Bucks.

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I don't think they're tanking

I don't think they're tanking though. Tanking teams usually consist of young players or bad veterans, neither of which the Celtics are suiting up (Well, okay, Humphries does get some time, but not a lot). If they were tanking you probably would have seen a trade involving Bradley, Bass, or Green. I think we can all admit that Bradley and Green are starters in this league, and Rondo is considered by many to be one of the better points in the game. Once he comes back the Celtics will have a legit starting backcourt, a legit starting SF who's been playing very well since becoming fully healthy, and a few crafty veterans in Bass and Wallace. Throw in a NBA ready rookie, scoring off the bench, and a good defense and how can you say this team is actively tanking?

Like I said before, I don't think this team will compete, but they aren't the worst team in the league like ESPN has been saying. I think Ainge is trying to recreate what he did in 2007 by building up a solid foundation and just hoping the right pieces fall into place. If they don't, sure they will be a treadmill team, but if they do, then they have the chance to be a fully functional team.

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Even with Rondo, this team

Even with Rondo, this team does not have the talent. They need another superstar...

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No size inside, no shooting,

No size inside, no shooting, no defenders outside of Bradley. This team is going to be awful, even with Rondo. Rondo needs shooters and a defensive team so he can gamble on the perimeter - he's not going to improve this team much, that's how bad it is.

I'm a Celtics fan, and I accept this.

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Celtics defensive stats check them

Celtics were plus 7 in the first 3 quarters of every game coming into the Orlando game. 4th quarter was the problem. The celtics have had the lead in the 4th quarter of every game this year. Good coach and players play hard. They have solid jump shooting and limited 3 point shooting. They wont suck and wont be great either. Better team out there than people give credit for. Some say no size but Sully shut down Vucevic if you watched that game. He used his big body to make him a non scoring factor. Olynyk is 7 7 feet, Vitor is 7 feet, Jeff green is 6'9, Humphries is a physical 6'10. Size is just fine. Not a great team but quite solid with a very smart coach who teaches great defense and the numbers show it. He gets them to play hard everynight. They wont tank because it has never worked and these prospects are not worth the revenue loss for tanking. If they slip badly then maybe Rondo sits all year but cross that bridge when you have too. As of now they are a tough out for any team. So the numbers show thus far.

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The GM and front office might

The GM and front office might be tanking, but the coaches and players are not. Stevens is a good coach, gets his team to execute, play hard and the C's are a scrappy bunch.

Stevens is trying to establish a culture there. Same thing with Brown and the 6ers. Compete early, tank later, but they have to at least show that their system can be competitive.

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Exec Tanks

I agree with Siggy, and I think it goes for most teams as well. It's the executives of the league who are wanting to tank, not the players. I can't imagine many players willing to tank and hurt their game just to have a slim chance of picking up some rookie guy the next year. These guys are pros for a reason, they're good and most of them are highly competitive to a fault.

Think about it in your own perspective, if your boss told you to start sabotaging your work so he could bring in some fresh college kid to take your place; would you do that? No, I don't think anyone would, if anything it would make you want to work even harder.

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