"Let's Take a Moment to Mourn our Dead Mocks" Thread

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"Let's Take a Moment to Mourn our Dead Mocks" Thread

I'm sure due to the craziness of last nights draft, everyone's mocks were thrown out of whack.

So let's take some time in this thread to mourn our dead mocks, and reflect on what we could have done better.

I'll start:

Probably should not have had Noel and McLemore go 1 and 2, despite this being a weak draft.

Why did I have Shane Larkin at 14? Must be sniffing those bath salts.

I thought Anthony Bennett would fall. Dead wrong.

Any regrets or comments? Post them here.

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Not putting Oladipo second

Not putting Oladipo second instead of McLemore. Putting Bennett instead of Porter at #3. Thinking the cavs would trade up for Sergey Karasev. Overall, I didn't get any exact picks lol.

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I also thought Anthony

I also thought Anthony Bennett would fall, him going 1 was a huge shock. I'm personally still uncertain of Bennett and even more so now with the fact the Cavs have taken two smaller power forward in the lottery in recent years.

Still the craziest things to me have to be New Orleans drafting Nerlens Noel and trading him along with a 2014 top 5 protected pick for Jrue Holiday. The other shock was Boston completely dismantling their heart and soul for cap room and mediocre draft picks all while taking back the onerous contract of Gerald Wallace.

My two biggest misses were that I didn't have Andre Roberson or Solomon Hill even getting drafted let alone in the first round. My next biggest miss was Nemanja Nedovic, I had him late in the second round certainly not the first.

I missed a ton of picks by one or two spots.

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lol..I had Bennett as the 1st

lol..I had Bennett as the 1st pick every since a few days after the lottery ,when i read on a cleveland's sportswriter's twitter page how big a fan Nick Gilbert was of Bennett...But yesterday i changed it after reading on the same sportswriter's twitter's page that coach Brown wanted Noel and management wanted Len..So i changed it to Len...

I also had Leslie going undrafted until i read a report on monday that Leslie had shutdown his workouts becuz a team in the late 20's had gave him a promise..

I might've did much better if i didnt go by the different reports that came out..I had Adonis Thomas,Pressey,Mbakwe,Carmicheal going undrafted..But added them after i read the Celtics were trying to get a 2nd round pick to select Pressey..That Dallas was looking at Mbakwe and Carmicheal and Memphis was looking to select 1 of the local forwards either Stephens or Thomas...

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I missed EVERYTHING. I had

I missed EVERYTHING. I had one pick right. ONE. And that was Porter to the Wizards. I had Zeller going to the Bobcats for a long time, but got influenced by other mocks and moved him lower. Noel at 6 was as big of a surprise as Bennet going #1 since he has such a similar skill set to Davis. The number of trades made this even more unpredictable. One of the craziest drafts ever.

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My biggest regrets was not

My biggest regrets was not having Oladipo at #2, I knew he would be the pick but it was wishful thinking on my part wanting McLemore. I also should have had Cody Zeller as my #4 pick, he had been my #4 pick for a month and then I changed it to Anthony Bennett yesterday afternoon.

I will congratulate myself for correctly predicting Livio Jean-Charles to SA in the first round! Lol, pretty random selection to get right.

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I made last minute changes

I made last minute changes and moved Oladipo out of #2, and Livio into the 2nd round. However I moved Gobert, Dieng, and Plumlee as part of my last minute changes and got them correct. So while I screwed up on two I gained three. I got 5 exacts in the first and could have potentially had 7 if i didn't move Oladipo & Livio, but oh well I still came out way better than I expected I would.

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Put Dieng in 30th, Hardaway Jr in 18th, Nedovic was 28th before my last change... then i change him to 58th (3 points lost!)!

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Did anyone else only get

Did anyone else only get Oladipo right? Lol.

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I feel really good about my mock. I only nailed one pick (McLemore) but I was only one to three picks off for the most part all the way into the 40's. I still think Adams would have gone to Phoenix if Len was off of the board. My biggest miss to me was Nerlens going 2nd just because I truly thought they were going to pick him. Here's hoping that Olidapo turns Dwyane Wade-esque.

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I did quite well. 8 out of

I did quite well. 8 out of 30 first rounders spot on, this site only had 3 in their mock.

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