Lets play a game OVER or UNDER

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Lets play a game OVER or UNDER

taking a segment from one of my fav. shows on espn pti

just say over or under and your opinion why

1.3 NBA championships for Lebron
2.pick 4 for Rubio
3.30 ppg for lebron next year
4.23 ppg for A.i if he were on the Cats next yr.
5.23 ppg for a healthy t-mac
6.1 mvp for d-howard
7.2 scoring titles for durant
8.superstar for john wall
9.15, 9 and 3 for griffin in rookie yr.
10.2 more championships for kobe

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1. under 2. push 3. over 4.

1. under-hard to win one and much harder with teams coming up in the east
2. push-i just think he will fall to 4
3. over-cause he is going to shoot more to score over 30, especially with losses they may incure
4. under-he isn't they guy to score that much anymore....he is more effective in the 16-20 ppg
5. over-he can beat almost anybody when healthy
6. over-he is only going to get better
7. under-he doesn't shoot a very high pct. and once he gets more ppl he wont have to shoot so much
8. under-bust
9. push-he is a man ready to play ball....very strong to stop
10. push-because he is the Black Mamba and is the man

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1. Under-I'm not sure that he can win one with the current Cavs. and the competition in the east is tough anyways (celtics and magic, and many teams are on the rise such as the cats, hawks, and 76ers.)
2. Over- should be number 2 pick by grizzlies and used as trade bait
3. Over-he is only going to get better
4. Under- if he plays for the cats i think he will be close but a little bit under because he wont get as many minutes
5. Under- they have to many other scorers
6. Same- he will get one if he develops a better post game, but even if he does there are too many other young stars for him to win more than one
7. Over- the guy is a scoring machine
8. Under- i think he'll be an all-star but not a superstar
9. Same
10. Under- if they lose odom or ariza they have no chance to repeat. even if they dont lose them, it will be tough to beat teams in the west.

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1.under 2.over 3.under 4.unde


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Hey Knuckleheads

It's Tony Kornheiser here with Over/Under in which I always beat Wilbon.
1.3 NBA championships for Lebron - Over, at age 24 I see it as a possibility.
2.pick 4 for Rubio - Right on the money so would that be Over?
3.30 ppg for lebron next year - Under, team will pick up the slack.
4.23 ppg for A.i if he were on the Cats next yr. - Over around 24
5.23 ppg for a healthy t-mac - Under, around 21 per game.
6.1 mvp for d-howard - Over, he'll win at least one.
7.2 scoring titles for durant - Over
8.superstar for john wall - Under, Superstar is higher then All-Star.
9.15, 9 and 3 for griffin in rookie yr. - Under, he won't get that many rebounds.
10.2 more championships for kobe - Over, just right. 2 more.
Once again, I win, Goodnight Canada. lol.

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that show

i great i like tony's answers to those questions at the beginning of the show theyre hilarious

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1. Over, I say he gets 4 before he calls it quits
2. Under, Whether it be by trade or memphis/okc wants him, I think he goes either 2-3
3. Over, look at what he did in the series against the Magic
4. Way Under, he's far past his prime
5. Under, too high, but I could see him getting a solid 18-19 next year
6. Push, with guys like LeBron, Kobe, Wade, Carmelo, CP3, Durant, etc it will be hard to get more than 1 for Dwight
7. Over, I think he'll get like 5 or so considering his size and the fact that theres literally nothing he can't do
8. Over, I think he could be a quicker DRose with a better J
9. Push, in a crowded LAC frontcourt, those stats seem about right
10. Under, maybe 1, but not 2

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Good idea

1. Over
2. Under (meaning 2 or 3)
3. Under (assuming he gets some help)
4. Under
5. Under (especially if he goes back to Houston, but most likely even in most trade possibilites)
6. Under (I do not think Dwight will win an MVP, but he has a chance)
7. Over (Think he could get 3 or 4)
8. Over (I guess, though maybe, 1 or 2 time All-Star might have been a better way to put it)
9. Under
10. Under (1 more, but I think the league shakes up and crazy stuff happens)

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what up knuckleheads, I dont like people of youre ilk. goodnight canada

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the real answers

1. over. lebron is the next big thing. kobe, duncan, shaq all have 4. lebron is better than all of them. he has a chance to win one next year. the cavs need to ad somebody or face losing lebron. he can go to any team he wants after 2010 and i see him going to a contender. he is unguardable at the age of 24.

2. under. rubio will go number 2. bank on it. he will be traded or kept at that spot. sac could easily offer something to move only 2 spots ahead and memphis could get its pf at 4 plus a pick/player.

3. under. lebron is going to try to get his teammates involved especially the new guy that comes in. i think he wants to average a triple-double a season more than 30 a game.

4. under. AI is done. he is not the superstar he once was and knows it. he thought about retiring because his game is not at where he wants it to be. time for him to learn how to play point.

5. over. a healthy tmac would average over 23 ppg. too bad there is no such thing as a healthy tmac. his back will never be 100%. they have some great pieces around him. he doesnt need to average over 23.

6. over. he is the best big man in the game. he is already a top 4 player in the league. him lebron and wade will be trading it back n forth for years.

7. push. he is a deadly scorer. he set multiple scoring records in college his freshman year. 2 is atleast what i expect him to get.

8.push. john wall will never be the superstar so it cant be over. i think he is a top 5 pg in the making.

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1. under - this season was

1. under - this season was his best chance to get number 1 and from now, its only going to get harder.

2. under - hes surprisingly going to fall to 6

3. over - believe it or not he's gonna have to take more shots

4. under - iverson is beyond his point scoring days.

5. under - t-mac and healthy in the same sentence sounds oxymoronic.

6. push - winning 1 MVP is hard enough. with such players in the game like lebron, kobe, and cp3, howard would be a phenom if he got 2.

7. under - if OKC keeps surrounding him with quality players, durant won't even win 1 scoring title.

8. under - john wall will make a few allstar games, but he won't be a mvp or hall of fame caliber player.

9. over - i could see griffin averaging double digit boards.

10. under - i hope he doesn't win another one haha

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1. over - hes only going to

1. over - hes only going to get better
2. push - right on target
3. under - but somewhere in the 27-30 range
4. over - who else would they have to shoot the ball?
5. over - whether you want to admit it or not a tmac with only 1 leg is the only person on the rockets who can get a shot anywhere on the court anytime he wants
6. push - i think he will win just one
7. push - that actually sounds pretty reasonable
8. under - eventual all star but not superstar
9. over - if love can get 11 and 9 on a bad team griffin can get 15 and 9 on an awful team
10. under - enjoy your very last parade

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1.Over. I think he could

1.Over. I think he could legitimately win 5 if he leaves Cleveland
2.Over. Oklahoma City will take him at 3
3.Under. He will score less to see if his team can help him carry the load
4.Under. Better Teammates (Okafor, Diaw, Wallace) would mean his Assist would go up.
5.Under. Slightly. He could go 20ppg. I think these surgeries are gonna end his career early
6.Over. I could see 3-5. Duncan won and Howard is on the cusp of TD number
7.Over. I see 3. I think he will be a guy who scores...alot
8.Under. Let him get in the NBA 1st. If he pans out, I see a couple (4-6) all star berths.
9.Over. I see 18ppg, 10rpg and 1bpg for Griff.
10.Over. This team is deep and could win four out of 5.

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