Let's all come together...

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Let's all come together...

And ask for a favor from the Basketball gods. Let's hope that Greg Oden becomes fully recovered from his miserable surgeries and lives up to the hype. Let's face it it's been a LONG time since a Center gained as much hope and Promise as Greg Oden, Lets see this next so called "Bill Russell or David Robinson."

Now I'm not from Portland and the Blazers are not my favorite team, but I just feel so bad for that man. He's fugly, His interviews are soo nice and sincere, and he has insane potential, yet his body wont let him play. Let us all come together and hope that a miracle happens, and we can see this kid show his talents, as I was not around in the Bill Russell Day, and did not fully enjoy basketball during Robinson's time. Let Oden show us some reminiscence and not be just another injury plague star.

The same could be said for Shaun Livingston, but I wont put everyone through the pain of another post for Livingston.

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