Leo Lyons....NBA Material?

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Leo Lyons....NBA Material?

Leo Lyons of Missouri has been streaky this year, but in my opinion he has loads of potential. He is 6'9" with a face up game where he can take you off the dribble from as far out as necessary. His form on his jumpshot is very smooth and hard to find a flaw in, not to mention he has a 37 inch vertical to go along with that 6'9 frame. He has the athleticism and in my opinion is much more of an NBA prospect than DeMarre Carroll. I can't find a comparison for Lyons, anyone? and is he NBA material?

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A very poor mans Al Horford

Emphasis on poor mans, He brings the same to the table as Horford but isnt as all around talented

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He isnt nba material

He is soft. He does have talent but I dont see him being an nba player.He reminds me of darrel arthur of memphis

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