Lebron's future in MIA ending?

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Lebron's future in MIA ending?

Well my first question is if Lebron and friends lose to the Spurs will that change his mind about goin to another team having dropped 2/3 finals also..what are some of predictions as two what teams would be a top option for him? I know he has thought of going back to Cleaveland one day..

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If your a LOTTERY conspiracy theorist like myself, then you know the NBA wants LeBron right back in Cleveland...and honestly, after seeing DWade run around on a gimpy knee/Chris Bosh launching 3's/Mike Miller and his broken thumbs/Shane Battier and his age/& a really concerning lack of a true point guard, if I were LBJ23, I'd start looking at houses in Cleveland now! Compare what MIA's roster has to offer versus CLE:

Kyrie > Chalmers/Cole
Speights/Thompson > Birdman/Haslem
Verajao = Bosh (Verajao is a WAY better rebounder/defender)
Waiters > Any of Miamis young talent, because they have none
#1 Overall Pick > #29 or #30
LOVE RAY ALLEN and Cleveland can't offer a comparable piece, BUT Allen is headed towards retirement soon enough.

That being said, I still think Miami takes the Championship this year (prob get negs for that). HOPEFULLY they take some time during the off-season to follow suit with the rest of the NBA, & start signing YOUNG talent. Otherwise, they smell a lot like the oldest team in the league next year...#MIAMImothBALLS

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I agree with the both of you guys. It's a perfect story if he returns to Cleveland and gets them a Championship.

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