Lebron will leave when.......

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Lebron will leave when.......

Lebron is only leaving if he wins a championship with the cavaliers. His head would be wanted if he left with nothing to give for the state of ohio. He has been the golden boy of ohio ever since he was a little boy. they had high hopes, and right now nothing is going right, soo i don't really see lebron leaving and betraying family & friends for money. If he does i see him banned from ohio lol

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That doesnt make any sense,

That doesnt make any sense, hypothetically: Lebron wins championship in June, Lebron signs with Bulls in July?

I dont see him leaving a few weeks after he wins a championship, whats he gonna do, announce hes leaving during the parade? I just dont see it...

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I dont see how leaving will

I dont see how leaving will betray his friends and family. His friends and family are going to support and be loyal to him no matter what he chooses. It is his fans in Ohio that was be very disappointed. He played pitiful in game 5 and if they lose to the celtics it will be all on him

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There hasn't been a superstar

There hasn't been a superstar in NBA history that won a title and then left via free-agency.

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how about this

Everyone says that he will sign with another team or resign, doesnt he still have his player option left? I think he loves keeping people in suspense

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LOL at MagikKnick...hahahahahaha

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The only senario Lebron

The only senario Lebron leaves is if the Cavs fails to make it to the Finals, which is looking like it. I think the most likely destination is Chicago. New York has nothing to offer talent wise, it would be a downgrade going from Cleveland to New York. And the way Rondo has performed against the Cavs, Lebron has got to be thinking "what if I was playing next to Derrick Rose."

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Lebron leaves when.....if.... Cavs get blown out once again and he puts a epic performance (see game3) & mo plays like he's been playing for the last 2 years in the playoffs and everyone else doesnt show up and walks off the court like he did against orlando and he realizes he doesnt have a supporting cast to help him when he does have an off game like game 5 and he explores other options like Chicago or New York. If bosh goes first to NY then he will for sure think about it cuz he needs more help around him. You got to remember garnett went through it and so did allen and they left there teams and got there ring. Don't matter how you start ur career its how u finish. Bron in Chi wit rose or NY with bosh best case scenario.

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He will leave when free

He will leave when free agency period starts.

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