Lebron is a Terrible "Leader"

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Lebron is a Terrible "Leader"

Why would anyone want to play with him? He makes stars into role players outside of Irving and Wade, Everyone has to sacrifice their game except him, his body language is terrible (especially early last season), he throws his teams under the bus after every loss and undermines his coach after every win. He constantly reminds the world that he is the leader, but he was in "Chill Mode" last season against Orlando until Tobias made he play hard a. He is the ultimate cry baby, takes himself out of a game because someone made a bad pass and got a tech for it, he wants to be coach, gm, and player. As player why would you want to play with him. How many times have we heard Curry call himself the leader, or the father and the other players are like his children, yes Lebron said that.

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another gsw fan afraid of a

another gsw fan afraid of a rematch with a healthy star studded line up in Cleveland,instead of the one they defeated.

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