Lebron receives 120 out of 121 first place votes for MVP

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Lebron receives 120 out of 121 first place votes for MVP

Melo got the other first place vote.

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Melo? Nobody was deserving of

Melo? Nobody was deserving of any first besides Lebron. The only person you could make an argument for is Durant.

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That's just stupid...clearly should have been 121 of 121....

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to Lebron though! Well deserved

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Zach Lowe

Was saying on twitter that no one in New York was fessing up to the vote. My theory? A spurned Cleveland beat writer getting his revenge on LeBron James the one way he could. Probably not the case, lol, and if so, WHY MELO? Agree that Durant was the only other player with a case for the most part, Tony Parker got hurt, Chris Paul was great, just not LeBron great. Melo getting 3rd place doesn't bother me, he just missed 15 games and was not LeBron.

I had a feeling it would not be unanimous, just was sad to see it turned out to be right. Thought it would be cool, not to mention well deserved. Still, big ups to LeBron for yet another MVP, think he is better than he ever was. Anyone have any theories on why the guy voted for Melo or where he was from? Could be fun to guess. Just remember seeing Fred Hickman try to explain why he voted for Iverson over Shaq in 2000 and just saying "WHA?" If you want to put the theory on twitter, I thought a fun hashtag is #HuntingHickman. Not expecting it to catch on, lol, sure we will find out soon enough.

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I thought Durant had a legit

I thought Durant had a legit chance but Melo, I don't think so

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Their is always that one person who has to mess up a unanimous MVP count

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Melo? LOL, Durant or even

Melo? LOL, Durant or even Paul(Maybe), but Melo? Nah

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id pick melo and parker over

id pick melo and parker over paul

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