Lebron at PG

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Lebron at PG

I havent heard this mentioned yet in discussions but why dont the heat play Lebron at PG? He has mentioned he is gonna take a "Magic" role on this heat team. He would be a match up nightmare for all opposing PGs. He did cover Rondo for a little so he has the defensive ability to cover the other teams PG but he would just destroy all other PGs because of his size.

Right now the heat are looking for a starting PG (chalmbers most likely) with wade at the 2 mike miller at the 3 bron at the 4 and bosh at the 5. Bosh is a natural 4 so i dont understand why they would move him out of position he would get killed at the 5 by a legit big man (howard), why not fill the starting center role with a workman like player and bump chalmbers to the bench? Does putting bosh back at the 4 make the heat better?

What are people thoughts on this? Doesnt having lebron play PG make sense? he has the balls skills and defensive ability. I think it makes the heat function better as a team.

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Yeah I think point guards

Yeah I think point guards Lebrons best position he played it until he was fifteen and even played some as a rookie with the Cavs. I've always thought that Lebrons greatest skill besides his athleticism was his court vision and playing him at pg would showcase that. Lebron has allready stated he wants to be a facilitator and as a point guard he would get dwade and bosh so many easy looks. He could lead the leauge in assists and help wade leas the leauge in scoring.

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They won't play Bosh at the

They won't play Bosh at the 5, that is for sure. They're going to get some other guys to play the 5.

I would love to see Lebron playing the PG. But I would always use d.wade to guard the opponents PGs.

Sadly, I don't see that happening. Erik Spoelstra said during an interview in the SL, that they're looking for another PG.

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