Lebron not happy with Beasly's focus

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darn, you beat me too it

This has to be the funniest thing i have heard all season. Does he not know about Beasley being a junkie? His eyes look like he is perpetually blitted. I actually thought the Bulls were wrong to pick Rose instead of him. Boy was I wrong. In college he was a beast. IF you go on Youtube, there is an all time great game where he battles Blake Griffin in college. You would think that both players on the same level.

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Close to the top of my list

Close to the top of my list of dissappointing players. The guy has so much talent and skill but no will whatsoever to be great. Could've been a perennial all star no doubt. He must have sucked ass hard in practice this year with the Heat because almost every time he played he seemed to get double figures. He's not terrible at defense either, just a head case. Sad really..

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Wasn't there a point in the

Wasn't there a point in the season where Beasley was a regular contributor? Everyone thought he was rehabilitated and saying that being around a true professional in Lebron had resurrected his career. He got not run in the playoffs and only played extended minutes in game 5 of the finals when the game was out of reach for the Heat. It's obviously Beasley has a mental condition. He's addicted to marijuana, and though it's not a hardcore life-threatiening drug, it is a drug. He needs rehab and serious intervention. It's sad because he's such a talent, but he won't ever mentally be all there. He should be thankful he's even on a team. He'll never be a serious contributor. Lebron can't be surprised that he's not focused......In the words of the NFL crew.......COME ON MAN!!!

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I think Beasley suffers from a lot more than just an addiction to marijuana. I just think he is a low iq person in general. I wouldn't be surprised if he is slightly mentally retarded. He just happened to grow up to be like a 6'8" bull from a physical standpoint. I think he goes out there and tries, he just cannot mentally put everything together that he needs to do. Offense comes easy for him especially when he isn't the focus or playing lesser talent because he doesn't have to think. Defensively he is 3 steps behind everyone. He is basically a pump fake, stutter step or ball screen away from a foul or being completely separated from his man on that end.

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he simply dont care

it really is sad what a waste b easy is hes got the skill set too be one of the best players in the world but he simply doesn't care

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Since he smokes weed I know

Since he smokes weed I know he is focused.... Just not on basketball... Probably more on food and video games.

He tries on offense because it is fun. He doesn't try on defense because he gets lazy... Its one of the side effects... Happy, hungry, sleepy.

There are functional pot heads.... And then there is Michael Beasley.

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yup. the idea that weed is

yup. the idea that weed is safe and non threatening for everyone. Even as a daily smoker who has managed to stay employed, graduate uni and all that shtuff.... a lot of my friends are serious weed casualties who fit every stereotype that is out there. heck i probably do too in somethings. But yeah, there are some things that smoking every day is not conducive to success probably being one of them.

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I'd be pissed too. He was

I'd be pissed too. He was supposed to comeback and prove himself after putting up empty stats on some bad teams. You mean to tell me he couldn't give them anything? He is running out of chances...

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