Lebron to Nets another Clue

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Lebron to Nets another Clue

The new Jay Z video features a one on one scene between Lebron and Jay Z in BROOKLYN. Its just another clue to Lebrons 2010 team.

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Another clue

David Icke said he saw LeBron James morph into a reptilian creature and he chased him through the desert in Albuquerque. When he finally caught up and offered the reptile a luke warm kirkland brand root beer, the creature drank it and vomited up what appeared to be a sandwich from Satriales. He than took the sandwich and tested it for three days, discovering it was an Italian sub that had contents from three major distributors, also finding some news paper clippings talking about Jon and Kate Gosselein's pending divorce and a review of the Hangover. He later tracked down LeBron in now current form and approached him with these allegations, and he LeBron of course sighed and left him with his inquiry supposedly unanswered. Luckily, he had his tape recorder playing and rewound LeBron's words to "Shame on you when you step through to, the Ol' Dirty &$#%#[email protected]!, Brooklyn Zoo." He than went through many of ODB's old LP's, finding secret coding and prophecies that predicted of LeBron's leaving of Cleveland to play for Jigga Man, and that he and Jay-Z were reptiles that enjoyed Italian subs from Satriales when they morphed into such form.

Or, Jay-Z is from Brooklyn and friends with LeBron and they filmed a video there. Just another theory.

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Lebron is going to

Lebron is going to The...........Knicks.

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