Lebron needs 3pt shooters F/A

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Lebron needs 3pt shooters F/A

I want to know why people think that LBJ is a good combo with Derrick Rose. Rose cant stretch the floor which LBJ needs for his power drives. Yes i know Rose is a better all round point guard than Mo williams but Mo is better for LBJ. Look at the 3 pt percentage, 27% 16 made and 43% 159 made. Also i think it is crazy to think that LBJ could play with D Wade. Yes Dwade can hit trey's but he would have to turn into more of a ray allen player coming of curl plays and such. Is he going to want to do that? Also with all that salary between those 2 guys where will the cap space to sign an interior player.

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I think that D Rose, Wade,

I think that D Rose, Wade, and Lebron all wouldn't fit with each other. They all need their separate teams because they are all too ball dominant to be effective with another ball dominant wing. and all players need a dominant low post big. best fits in my opinion are:

Miami - Dwade, C. bosh
Chicago - D Rose, Amare Stoudemire
New Jersey - Lebron James, Carlos Boozer

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That is what I've been

That is what I've been saying. Combos like LBJ+Rose or Wade will be good combos nontheless, but LBJ won't be able to fully utilize his skills if he play with those type of guys. Also Rose and Wade will have to sacrifice some of their game to play with LBJ which isn't going to happen. Both of the guys are ball dominant and that won't work with LBJ. LBJ needs the floor to be spread. Guys like Rose and Wade are guys who attack off the dribble and their game is in the mid range game.

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And the rest of those teams

And the rest of those teams need to have defense and shooting. For example shot blocking C, and good 3point shooting PG/SG.

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Why did the Cavs get Shaq???

Why did the Cavs get Shaq??? All he does is take shots away from LBJ. They would have been better off with Jason Kapono or someone like that who can shoot the ball. Even put Zydrunas in at least he has some shooting ability

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Got Shaq to battle Dwight

Got Shaq to battle Dwight which won't happen so it was a waste.

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yeah but 3pt shooting doesnt

yeah but 3pt shooting doesnt matter as much as u think it does... if lebron played with derrick rose... the other teams pg and sf would be in constant foul trouble... which would prevent them from working double and triple teams against, for instance, rose and lebron... a good coach could EASILY work around that...

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danny ferry absolutly tried

danny ferry absolutly tried to surround lebron with 3 point shooters. He went hard after Donyell Marshall and Damon Jones who were two of the better 3 point shooters in the game. Boobie gibson, wally sczerbiak, mo wiliams, anthony parker. It just didnt work out.

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Rose doesn't actually draw

Rose doesn't actually draw that many fouls, only getting to the line 4.3 times per game. And it's usually the bigmen getting into foul trouble. What you need to understand though, is that without shooters on the outside, the defense won't hesitate to collapse everytime Rose or Lebron start to drive. With Mo Williams on the perimeter the opposing teams pg can't move because Lebron will find him to knock down a 3. Rose can't do that.

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Lebron needs shooters, but

Lebron needs shooters, but Cleveland has enough of those. I think Lebron needed low post scoring. That's why if I was Lebron, I would very seriously consider going to New Jersey with Brook Lopez. Lopez would be a great fit with Lebron IMO.

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Personally, I think Lebron

Personally, I think Lebron would benefit from playing with a defensive small forward/sg who could defend and hit open 3 pointers. Shane Battier and Trevor Ariza come to mind as does Brandon Rush( young but getting better). Lebron and either one of those guys could lock down 90% of any 2 / 3 combo in the league and Battier and Rush don't need the ball in their hands on offense, but when Lebron draws the double they are more than capable 3 point shooters. I think its a consensus that Lebron benefits from a low post scorer and that would be essential when putting together a team with Lebron as your main perimeter player. Cleveland brought in Parker to hit jumpers, Shaq and Jamison to score on the block and ease the offense pressure of Lebron, but put LeBron with defensive swing man, let them alternate positions on offense and defense and that would be a great fit. When building a team around Lebron I never understood why Cleveland never brought in a guy like that, even if he were to come off the bench. I think with a player like that Cleveland would have been unstoppable.

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ugh, if only the damn knicks

ugh, if only the damn knicks would get rid of mike d'antoni. Draft Lance Stephenson, trade for ricky rubio, and trade for hasheem thabeet! and then obviously get lebron. Cause that team would be absolutely perfect.

PG: Ricky Rubio (pass first pg, always finds the open teammate)
SG:Wilson Chandler (good lock down defender, i know he not the best shooter but then if you keep reading you'll understand this)
SF:Lebron James (to win a chip he needs the perfect role players around him)
PF: Danillo Gallinari (strectches the court, thats when the defense is either focused on rubio/lebron, kick it out to danillo for a SET 3, and he'll never miss)
C: Hasheem Thabeet (in my eyes, easiest to get in a trade or something. Defensive presence no matter how you slice it, and we wouldnt need him trying to get going and score the rock)

Bench: Lance Stephenson (can play multiple positions in the nba)
Toney Douglas (great backup pg; good scorer, distributor, nose for the ball)
Al Harrington (great player for instant offense)

then D. Lee i say would be out, then we could trade (bill walker and eddie house to the grizz for Hasheem, like i said)
now they still have: Tmac, chris duhon, jr giddens, eddy curry, and jonathon bender

I say we eat Eddy Currys contract, trade jr giddens and jjonathon bender for a late second round pick, and then trade tmac and chris duhon to a team that needs a backup pg and backup sf

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Knicks fans are outrageous

Knicks fans are outrageous and craving success obviously. What lebron needs is someone who can create their own shot without his help, CLUTCH shooters (something that no one on the cavs was this year) and an interior presence. New jersey comes to mind because Devin Harris can get his own shot as he has, he'd have brook lopez inside probably the 3rd or 4th best center in the league and then sign a shooter or 2. Not to mention they have a lotto pick coming their way. You can't say 'shooter' in general because yes Jamison, Parker, Gibson (who was never used) Williams are all shooters but nome of them can knock down clutch shots. He needs a kapono or a korver or someone like that. As much as I dislike lebron if he went to new jersey they'd have probably the best turnaround in league history and be in a position to challenge for the next decade (jay z will be there and he can bring drake too since we all know they're all buddy buddy and that can give lebron more motive since he's looking for marketability)

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unless he is in the triangle

unless he is in the triangle offense he dose not need a bunch of three point shooters, he had that in cleavland a whole bunch of one style players they were all spot up shooters when lebron passed the ball none of them can create offense for each other besides the passes from lebron,So IMO i think he needs a player who is almost as good as he is and someone who can take over games in multiple ways like a Dwade and a Drose players who can beat you scoring inside and out and yes rose's shot has improved that much to where from inside the three to the freethrow line he will light you up and people who think playing with one of them would take away from ones game it actually adds something because
1.lebron would not have as much pressure to do every single thing and will be able to focus more on D
2.they would run which everyone of them are good at and are good playmakers in the open court
3.Rose would not have to be the teams crutch all of the time and also focus more on defense
4. and in the halfcourt all three are very good playing on and off the ball running through pick and roles and running baselines so the comment about how they all dominate the ball is shot they have to dominate the ball under the circumstance they are in being the best playmakers on there respective teams.

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