lebron james on steroids

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lebron james on steroids

Why has the NBA not been talking about the report that came out about 2 months ago linking LeBron to the
steroid clinic in Florida? It kind of makes sense since LeBron has shown signs of steroid usage (hair loss, jaw surgery and enlarged head, wider shoulders, etc.)

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being a guy that has cycled

being a guy that has cycled before, with testosterone-ethantate, dianabol, deca-durabolin, and hGH, I doubt LBJ is juicing. He has been strong and athletic his entire career. The mass he has is almost certaintly due to his genetics and training. And if he were taking mild steroids, like winstrol or clebutoral, it would not give him an insane edge and explain why he's dominating. LBJ seems like hard work and proper diet to me, not AAS.

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