LeBron James names his top three basketball players of all time.

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LeBron James names his top three basketball players of all time.

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Dr. J top 3? Wow. I'm not

Dr. J top 3? Wow. I'm not even sure he'd be in my top 10. Personally. I'd go with the GOAT, Michael Jordan, the greatest champion, Bill Russell, and the most dominant player in Wilt Chamberlain.

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Around the Mid 80's,there

Around the Mid 80's,there were alot of people that said Dr. J was the greatest player of all time..I guess they included his days in the ABA,where he won 2 ABA titles,3 MVP awards and 3 scoring titles...

When players like Magic,Jordan and Bird's career came to a close..People saw what they accomplished and all the NBA rings they won and compared it to Erving's career...Doc's NBA career didnt look as impressive anymore..Doc was a great nba player,but some will say his best days were in the ABA...

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Dr. J couldn't shoot a gun

Dr. J couldn't shoot a gun

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Imagine how ballistic people

Imagine how ballistic people would have gone if he mentioned himself. Lmao

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That's just Lebron's opinion

That's just Lebron's opinion and everyone is entitled to one...

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Thanks for the info.

Thankyou Captain Obvious.

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Ridiculous to have J over

Ridiculous to have J over Robertson, Russell, Wilt and West

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While I don't agree with his

While I don't agree with his list, it's subjective. At least he didn't say himself, D. Wade and Chris Bosh.

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I think the Sports Guy got it

I think the Sports Guy got it right when he said Lebron most resembles Dr.J. All about people liking him, the flash, no titles until he teams up with another HOFer (Moses).

he makes a great case, here's the link:

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Dr J was an Incredible Player

And to this day is my favorite player of all time. I'm not a LeBron fan but understand why he chose him. What's most interesting is that LeBron probably didn't see J play in his prime, but I would doubt many of the posters on here have either. Now I know you can Youtube this and see tape, but would also doubt many on here or Lebron has seen the amount of games that I have.

Its'a always tough to a do a top 3 for a myriad of reasons, but my top 5 are.

Dr. J

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If LeBron made an all-time

If LeBron made an all-time starting five then I could see him going with Larry Bird and Dr. J at the forward spots. Bird could play the 4 and Dr. J would be a great option at the 3. MJ at the 2. With Magic at point and then Wilt or Russell or Kareem at center. LeBron is better than Doc and will pass Larry Legend in a couple of years but this is one heck of a team.

Magic, Mike, Doc, Bird, and Russell might be the best all-time starting five in terms of showmanship, winning, and incredible leadership. Scoring, shooting, passing, rebounding (at every position), and defense. It's all there.

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Dr.J spent a lot of time in

Dr.J spent a lot of time in the ABA...if you look at what he did there, its unbelievable.

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