Lebron James

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Lebron James

Wow what a year for LeBron James. First he wins his third regular season MVP, then he leads the Miami HEAT to the NBA finals while having huge clutch games along the way(game 4 Indiana, game 6 Boston), shatters playoff records and wins his first NBA championship and finals MVP. Then this summer he helps lead the dreamer team to another gold medal while getting the only triple double in USA basketball history. What a year its has been for LeBron! Can't wait till November gets here, this upcoming NBA season is going to be great with the battle for LA and the battle for New York.

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I'm glad most the hate on

I'm glad most the hate on Lebron has finally gone away, to be honest in November of 2010, I didn't think the hate would ever cool down, and that he'd be treated like a villain for the rest of his career. Glad he's doing well, congrats to team USA, they earned it, now I can't wait for the NBA season to start

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I'm happy for him

I'm happy for him, he's handled things the right way, letting his performances do the talking as opposed to being drawn into a war of words, he's just wrapped up a historic season, it looks like a huge weight has come off his shoulders and he's just enjoying the game of basketball again.

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If anyone still had doubts

If anyone still had doubts about him being the best player in the world, hopefully this year proved everything, there was literally nothing more this man could do this year.

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LeBron and Durant were the

LeBron and Durant were the perfect combo for us. Hope they sign on for Rio. Add those two guys to Rose and Howard and bring back CP3, Kevin Love, Westbrook and maybe Anthony Davis and we will get it done in 2016. And you have to think about adding Blake Griffin, Rondo, and Kyrie Irving. Then Kawhi Leonard, MKG, or someone like that to replace Iggy.

Kobe said he is done, but I could see Carmelo coming back too. LeBron, Durant, and Carmelo would be our Rio Trio with a bunch of other
super stars and a couple of role players.

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im happy

for lebron i always liiked him,its just people want him to be something that he isnt..and now all the hate will be on Lakers again,people will let off LeBron finally

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Everyone said he didnt have

Everyone said he didnt have the clutch gene, People were saying he is tuck up. People thought his move was selfish. He went to miami because cleveland sucks and their management sucks just as bad. He basically admitted he needed help. He showed everybody that he is clutch and that he is a winner and a leader. He was the best player on the Heat, he made the big plays, he didnt shy awayfrom critisism. He is the leader of team USA and he is the best player on it. He also is a great face of USA basketball, he doesnt get introuble and he doesnt yell at the refs. He isnt overly cocky like jordan and he is more friendly than Jordan.

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Lebron takes alot of

Lebron takes alot of criticism and doesn't deserve alot of it. One of the reason that I think he takes so much heat from everyone is the way people talk him up. He is a great player , but is not hands down the best player in the world. He is definatly one of the best, but I would say that Durant was the better of the two players this Olympics. This overhype I believe is a major reason people have a hate on for him

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There is no overhype, he

There is no overhype, he legitimately is one of the best all around basketball players ever. Durant is a better shooter than lebron, and durants main role is to score, Lebrons is to do everything else and lead the team, and then score at the right moments. Lebron is required to make plays for everyone and rebound. Lebron could play with anyone in the world, he adjusts to his teammates. If you put him with Jordan he gets 20 points, 8 or 9 assists, and 8 or 9 rebounds. You put him with stockton he gets 30 to 35 points 8 rebounds 5 assists. There is no over hype of him, he is rated right where he should be now.

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during his after game speech

when lbj said its not about any of us its about these 3 letters across my chest made me gain back alot of respect for him in this yo looking at me dog generation its great too see the best basketball player in the game today no exactly what winning that medal is all about

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I think "The Decision" is a

I think "The Decision" is a distant memory now. Not for the fans of Cleveland obviously, but he has admitted his mistakes and delivered clutch performances when it counted most.

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LeBron James is a different

LeBron James is a different person and player than he was in Cleveland or even a year ago with the Heat.

He's been humbled. He's grown up. He's more mature. You notice it when you listen to him during interviews now or even the way he carries himself on the court. He's somebody who has learned from his mistakes.

I do think a lot of the criticism about LeBron in the past was legit, but he's grown from it all and it's made him a better player and person.

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Yes Lebron had a great year,

Yes Lebron had a great year, but how about Anthony Davis? Wins the NCAA championship, wins National Player of the Year, gets drafted #1 overall, now wins a gold medal. I'd say he had a great 2012 as well.

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Lebron was completely

Lebron was completely dominant this season, he did everything for the Heat in the Playoffs whether it meant being a distributor, lockdown defense and carrying them offensively which he did all of. He really came into his own this season and is without a doubt the best player in the world. Team USA needed him to win Gold because he was able to help USA pull away from span with that late game basket that he had but even without that, the impact Lebron has on a team is far more tremendous then one would think, Lebron really prides himself in getting others involved and doesnt need to score to be a factor. Lebron has 5-7 years left of this dominance, especially now with his improving post game which was HUGE for the Heat in the playoffs not to mention his freakish athleticism and height allow him to guard any position efficiently.

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Lebron James is a solid player.

However, the Decision scarred his entire legacy. He will always be considered second fiddle to guys like Jordan, Kobe, and eventually Durant.

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I don't think anyone is going

I don't think anyone is going to consider LeBron inferior to Kobe by the time they both retire.

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Lebron on Other Team

If Lebron were on another country's team, would the US win? Judging by the eaking out of the gold medal game against Spain, one wonders if he was on Spain if the US win that game. Sure the US steps its D up much earlier. CP3 obviously had an extra gear that he didn't use until the fourth quarter.

I think he is the best player in the game and have now for a couple of years. But really he raised his game this year in a big way. Durrant is amazing. CP3 is amazing. D. Howard and Rose were amazing before their injuries and we expect them to be amazing again. After that, I see it as a big drop off. Lots of good players in the league, but King James reigns now.

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I think if James plays for

I think if James plays for Spain then they win the gold. He instantly gives them a huge boost in transition, gives them a defender who can guard the 1-4 positions and a bailout one-on-one player when the shot clock winds down. If you put James on Russia I think they also win the gold.

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Put Lebron on Russia and they

Put Lebron on Russia and they would smash USA

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