League ReDraft?

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League ReDraft?

Lets say that this lockout thing just gets really really crazy and the players want a complete ReDraft based on last season records...

That means, they would look at the league records for last year and place them in order from worst to best and draft every player again..

Draft would look like this:


After that daft order, the whole thing would flip flop and be in the exact opposite order. So the Bulls have the last pick in the first round and the first pick in the second round..

SO here is my question to you, how does the first round look???

Does Rose go first and if he does, do the Cavs take James second???

Remember, this is a draft of every player in the NBA..

What do you think this would look like?

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It would look like you turned fantasy draft on in Association mode in 2K lol. Crazy idea though 8th. I think Cleveland would pick Durant.

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im pretty sure lebron goes

im pretty sure lebron goes number one...maybe durant

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Mine: Timberwolves - Lebron


Timberwolves - Lebron James
Cavs - Kevin Durant
Raptors - Derrick Rose
Wizards - Kobe Bryant
Kings - Dwight Howard
Nets - Chris Paul
Pistons - Deron Williams
Clippers - Blake Griffin
Bobcats - Dwyane Wade
Bucks - Russel Westbrook
Warriors - Carmelo Anthony
Pacers - Dirk Nowitzki
Suns - Rajon Rondo
76ers - Amare Stoudamire
Knicks - Rudy Gay
Rockets - Pau Gasol
Hawks - Eric Gordon
Hornets - Steph Curry
Grizz - Kevin Love
Blazers - Paul Pierce
Nuggets - Tyreke Evans
Magic - Kevin Martin
Thunder - Chris Bosh
Celtics - Brook Lopez
Lakers - Andrew Bynum
Mavs - Lamarcus Aldridge
Heat - Danny Granger
Spurs - Tim Duncan
Bulls - Joe Johnson

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The players definitely will not want that, as much as the Timberwolves, Cavs and Raptors might. But, if you were to do a first round "Fantasy Draft" like in NBA 2k Association, than I will show you what my first round would look like. Seeing that it would factor in the future seasons, I think age would have to be taken into account. You would also want to win immediately as well, so the best players would still be chosen relatively early. So, this is what my 1st Round would look like if I were the GM of all 30 teams:

Timberwolves: LeBron James (Think he is the best player in the league. While some think that Kevin Durant will overtake him, I don't)

Cavs: Dwight Howard (Best Center in the league, think that he goes after LeBron if they did a destroy and rebuild. A player you can definitely build a contender around with the right pieces)

Raptors: Kevin Durant (I know you asked if Rose goes first, but I think these guys all go in front of him. He is a tremendous player who had an MVP worthy season, but I still think these guys might be better players if you are starting from scratch)

Wizards: Derrick Rose (I might say John Wall, because he has an incredibly high ceiling. But, we have already seen what Rose can do, and it is pretty amazing)

Kings: Blake Griffin (Looking like an incredibly dominant PF. Sure they would love to steal him from the other Cali current bottom dweller)

Nets: Dwyane Wade (You think that Jay-Z wants to be "paying Dwyane Wade"? I think he would gladly do it in this scenario)

Pistons: Chris Paul (He is the modern day Isiah Thomas, so this should work wonders)

Clippers: Kobe Bryant (I know, he is getting older. But, their were all of those rumors years ago about him going to the "other LA team". I have a feeling they would just try their hardest to build a competitive team and give Kobe a couple year window to win a ring in LA. I was thinking Dirk here, but I had to choose Kobe)

Bobcats: Carmelo Anthony (Think that Michael would choose his shoe guy. Certainly a decent pick here, though Dirk still being on the board makes one wonder)

Bucks: Dirk Nowitzki (If only to correct a horrible error this team made in the 1998 Draft)

Warriors: John Wall (As much as I was thinking Deron Williams here, think this would be a good spot to gamble and go with the younger upside. Think Warriors fans would probably be cool with it.)

Pacers: Deron Williams

Suns: Amare Stoudemire (Guess they would be cool with having him back. His durability scares me, but he is after all 3 years younger than Pau Gasol, and a beast on offense)

76ers: Pau Gasol (He had a horrible play-offs, but he is still one of the best bigs in the league)

Knicks: Russell Westbrook (Still looks like a beast, at whatever guard spot he may play at. It was, afterall, only his third season. I was thinking Zach Randolph here, but he already went to New York, and their was not a lot to write home about)

Rockets: LaMarcus Aldridge (I really think this guy is an up and comer, he had a fantastic season. Think that with a new confidence in his low post game, he merits being picked here)

Hawks: Zach Randolph (The guy is a bull down low. His off-court issues are a little scary, and his defense is still not fantastic. But, he could be a nice guy to build around, as seen this season)

Hornets: Rajon Rondo (He may not be Chris Paul, but the guy's defense is fantastic and he is a solid distributor)

Grizz: Chris Bosh (He is a player who might honestly merit being chosen higher. If the league did a total re-do, I am guessing picks around the middle would be very cool with getting Chris Bosh)

Blazers: Kevin Love (I do not "Love" this pick, but I think that Portland fans would. I know that Kevin has not necessarily proven he can lead a team to much of anything, but I think the home town fans would be completely cool with this scenario and hope that they picked a primary scorer in the next round)

Nuggets: Rudy Gay (His being hurt last year may bring a slight shadow of doubt over being picked here, but if healthy, the guy is a fringe All-Star, still only 25. Not that bad at the 22nd pick)

Magic: Al Horford (Big body who has been a pretty nice contributor on a decent team. He again could go higher, but I am wondering if he has not already peaked as far as production)

Thunder: Tyreke Evans (I really think he will bounce back if their is a season this year. If so, he is a BIG time scorer and I think would merit this pick)

Celtics: Paul Pierce (Think they are a loyal team and taking their aging star. Hope that KG slips to the next round and that you could build around that core)

Lakers: Eric Gordon (He indeed could have gone much higher, I am sure IndianaBasketball is going to kill me for this one. I think Gordon has to be a first rounder at this point, he is young, strong and a very skilled scorer. I think he could be a steal this late)

Mavs: Marc Gasol (A skilled, young big man who I think the Mavs would be very cool with building around)

Heat: Stephen Curry (Think that his upside could merit an even higher pick, but I will have him as the lead guard for a bunch of pissed off Heat fans)

Spurs: Manu Ginobili (By all intensive purposes, they probably try to build a team as close as possible to the one that they have)

Bulls: James Harden (He is looking like he could be rapidly rising up this list. I think people may be going a bit to crazy about what Harden brings to the table, but he would be pretty hard to pass up as a versatile 2 one could build around with the last pick in Round 1)

Guys I felt were a little to old for a Round 1 pick: Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Steve Nash, Ray Allen (Though, I do not think he would be in serious contention)

Guys who I did not choose due to injury concerns: Andrew Bynum, Andrew Bogut

Guys who could possibly merit a first round pick, but I feel are to risky/unproven: DeMarcus Cousins, Joakim Noah, Brandon Jennings, OJ Mayo, Michael Beasley, Derrick Favors (Though, DeMarcus was the only one I seriously considered)

Guys who are seen as team leaders, but I feel might be passed over in the 1st round in this type of format: Danny Granger, Joe Johnson, Andre Iguodala, Tony Parker, Monta Ellis, Josh Smith

I have very little idea of what the Draft Class of 2011 will provide, and their are possible candidates, but I think I am cool with leaving them out of the first round at this point in time. I am guessing I could have forgotten someone or made an oversight, but this is pretty much how I would expect things to go down.

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I See you Channeling Your

I See you Channeling Your Inner DNYCE....LMAO..

David Stern Got Sick During the Lockout Meetings..Imagine if this really happen and he had to deal with the players,agents, contracts,headaches,lawsuits and outragous marketing that will go Along with this Idea..

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If this really happened, you

If this really happened, you would have to have at least 15 rounds in this draft (Each team could snag 3 players per position). Also considering how rare the C spot is, I strongly believe Dwight Howard would be the #1 overall pick with Lebron coming in #2.

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The owners finally give into the players' demands, and cast the Utah Jazz out of the NBA for good.

There will be a league redraft with the other 29 player-approved teams.

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Very good point by butidonthavemoney. I guess they would pick after the Pacers (since I guess he did it by record). I made the same oversight, but it would mean a definite change in the draft. Nonetheless, do this on 2k, and see what happens. I doubt I would have the patience to go through the entire league and do this as a snake draft. It was a fun idea for a post, but I just want this lockout to end, teams intact and ready to reboot for the next season.

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I love how you forgot the utah jazz, smh -_____-

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I love how.......

People leave these comments on this thread and than give no real response to the question.


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Kobe and Dirk are a bit too

Kobe and Dirk are a bit too high.

I love both of them as players, but we are talking about starting a team with these guys. I would rather have 10 years of 18 and 8 from John Wall ( And even that would be a major dissapointment) than 3-4 more years of 20-24 points from Kobe. Dirk isn't too high, but I'd have him a a couple spots lower, because at max we would see 4 more years of 18.5 points per game, and then hopefully 2-3 more years of at least 15 per game, and that with average rebounding.

Also, I know people are high on James Harden, and so am I, but I still don't think that he's more than a Manu Ginobili, which is a really really good player, but I would pick DeMacus Cousins ahead of him, big men with his size and skill are rare, however I would pick Harden witht the next pick.

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To be honest I don't the

To be honest I don't the players would go for this to the point that I can't even genuinely consider it a scenario. Most of the teams in the top of the draft would be smaller markets and the bigger name players would straight out either refuse to play there or leave as soon as they had the opportunity.

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@mikeyvthedon I actually


I actually probably would've drafted that same way lol.

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@ Aamir

It is more about winning games and less about statistical production. Of course John Wall will have a longer life span in the league than either Kobe or Dirk, but it is yet to be seen if he can lead a team to a championship. Dirk and Kobe, even at their ripe old ages, would give you a better shot at that in the short term. Hence, the reason I chose them at 8 and 10. Cousins would be my pick right after Harden. Even if Harden may "only be a Ginobili" (Do not know why this would be a bad thing at the 29th pick in a complete NBA destroy and rebuild draft), will Cousins be much more than an Al Horford? If you were to go by which player I feel would be more valuable at this current point in time, I would take Ginobili by a landslide. Al's age and productivity thus far are the reason I put him in front of Harden, but if I were to be certain that Harden would be a Ginobili, well, thinking he might get the nod. Cousins has worlds of potential, and he would be my pick right after Harden (He would go to the Bulls, as due to a lack of numbering the picks I did not realize there were only 29 instead of 30), but he could go in a bevy of directions. The guy is immensely talented, but will he put it all together to become dominant, much less a player you could build a winning team around? Well, that is yet to be seen.

@ ItsDwight Howard: Dude, of course this is not a scenario. This is pure fantasy, albeit one as dark and twisted as those apparently had by Kanye West. I just chose to mostly put 8th's insane scenario to the side and just provide a hypothetical of what a first round might look like. Glad to know you think logically, but you sucked the life out of this scenario more than I usually would out of some poor, dreaming basketball fans post. In other words, well done sir. Well done.

@ IndianaBasketball: Glad I got your approval. I am sure I might even make a few minor tweaks myself, but I tried to be as logical about it as possible. My focus is always on trying to create winning scenarios for teams, and I might try to go further with it and make a 2nd round, maybe even further. I am sure 2k12 would be a nice helping tool, and it would be interesting to see how things played out. I tend to use Fantasy Drafts in my Association Mode (though I haven't even made one in this years game), and I usually just go after young players that will develop by the game standards. In an actual scenario, I am guessing things would be quite a bit different.

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Yeah, @MikeyV

I hate those guys...

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Thanks for taking my jazz out

Thanks for taking my jazz out of the league, this would leave me with no professional sports in utah and probably have me contemplating suicide.

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Ok Mikey V, you do have valid

Ok Mikey V, you do have valid points, so I can't argue against it, but I would still take a chance on Wall, over Kobe.

Look, if you replaced Wall with Kobe on the Lakers, than I am sure that there would be around a 10-15 win dropoff, and an increase of 15-20 wins on the Wizards vice versa. I understand that leadership and ability to guide your team to a championship is key, but you also have to look at the fact that Kobe is aching. I know his leadership, IQ, and work ethic are definatly going to keep him at the elite level for a couple more years, but we KNOW Wall can play in this league. For a teenager battling injuries and growth pains on a bad team he had a pretty good season. Barring major injury, we know he has the potential to be a perrenial All Star. If you take Kobe, hopefully you'll have a chance to win a championship this year or the next, but what's the garuntee that at that spot, the eight spot, that you'll be able to get a supporting cast good enough to beat Dwight and Lebron. I know they haven't proven that they can win at the biggest stage, but that doesn't mean that they won't be able to beat an older Kobe with their young legs, and slightly better supporting cast, due to having the higher pick. And this is where the fact that knowing Wall can play in this league becomes a factor. After Kobe retires, you most likely won't be more than a lower rung playoff team, or a lotto team. Then you will have to draft guys sho you are uncertain about.

If you draft Wall in the first round with about the 10-15 pick, than maybe Monta or Josh Smith drops to you in the second round. Then in the thrid round, I feel confident that either Mayo or Beasley will still be on the board, then you would have guys with sky high potentials. I know that you need proven winners to be a good team, but the prospect of having a team with the ability to be great, and being given 3-4 years to develop and work on their chemistry, and then you have most of your players in their prime, and hopefully they have panned out for now.

And the main reason, is that you have 7-8 more years to keep to keep builing around Wall, and even then, he only Lebron's age. You have many more chances to be great, instead of going through the phase the Bulls went through after MJ's retirement.

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You make a good argument as well

But, I still think that Kobe Bryant, with aches and all, has at least 3 years of incredible elite ability. He seems to be the healthiest he has in a long time, not to mention, the guy has maybe the highest thresh hold for pain of any player in the league. He is on a different level mentally. That is why he is one the best players of All-Time. The fact is, you do not know if you would have the talent available in the later rounds, but you do have a player who I still think may be near the best in the world during any given basketball game he plays in. If he were the 8th pick, do you know how much that would motivate him? Like he needs it! I just think that in this scenario, he would be very dangerous.

I honestly do not know why people are so down on Kobe as of late. I still have a hard time saying he is not a top 3 player in the league, by a pretty fair margin. They look at his statistics and say he is declining and he was hurt. But, I would be surprised if he did not play more this year. His per minute stats were as elite as ever. The fact is, any team with Kobe Bryant has a chance of competing for a championship. Do we know this with John Wall? It is certainly possible, but the Clippers, if they pick Kobe, would finally be on the right track to win. If they choose Wall, they go with the upside that has haunted the franchise on numerous occasions.

Yes, Mayo and Beasley have potential, but both are not exactly where one would want them to be as far as seeing them as major pieces to winning a championship. I really do not like the guys you are bringing up as second and third rounders to build around. They are good players, but 3 of them are tweeners with issues, and one is a guy who I feel took a major step backwards this year. Their mental game does not seem to be there. I think John Wall is going to be an awesome player, but if you want to win a title in this scenario, I think Kobe Bryant is worth the risk. I think it would be a greater risk to just assume that you would build a champion around Wall than you would around Kobe, even for his last few good years. All in all, this scenario would leave people screwed one way or the other. I feel that if the Clippers had a chance to take Kobe or Wall, especially considering they are in LA, they take Kobe. It might lead to a "MJ's retirement" situation, but so be it. The Bulls have Derrick Rose now and the best record in the league last year. The Clippers have been the Clippers for a lot longer than MJ's retirement. I could see them taking the risk.

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