Lawson or Collison

Since both are being rumored shopped by each team, which one would you rather have and what are some trade ideas you have for the teams who would be interested on getting one of these guys.

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He isn't turnover prone...That is the main reason why I'd take him over Collison.

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Lawson, takes good care of

Lawson, takes good care of the ball, has proven he can finish above the rim and is.....................FAST FAST FAST!!!!!

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Give me Darren Collison, his

Give me Darren Collison, his defense puts him over Lawson. And im not too worried about his turnover problems this year, because hes a rookie.

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Indiana should/will trade the

Indiana should/will trade the 10th pick for either of these guys - and rightly so!!

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Yeah Collison is better. He's

Yeah Collison is better. He's more TO prone but tht's because he had a high level of responsibility for a rookie PG. He's better on D, and is a more natural playmaker than Lawson is. Also would be a better starter because he's less limited by his size as opposed to Lawson.

I think both should backups by the way. Albeit elite backups

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Lawson - Collison

Min: 20.2 - 27.8
FG%: 51.5% - 47.7%
3P%: 41% - 40%
PTS 8.3 - 12.4
AST 3.1 - 5.7
TO 1.26 - 2.66
STL .74 - 1.03
REB 1.9 - 2.5

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i'm takin collison

collison easily... he played a lot of minutes as a rookie when cp3 was out and showed that he can play the big minutes and produce... lawson is good but i wouldn't want him to start for me and plus denver has much more talent around him when he is in the game the NO does

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My immediate thought to this


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My immediate thought to this

My immediate thought to this question was i would take Collison. I'm not entirely sure Lawson could prove to be a 40min a night player in this league. Some of the bigger PG's could wear him out over the course of a game and on post ups.

If i dig a little deeper, Lawson has proved to be a hard worker and wants to be great so his improvement should continue. Collison has better size and any rookie who puts up a tripple double is a pretty good player. Collison also put up nearly 20 points a agme as a starter and near 9 assists which most point guards find extremely hard to do... let alone a rookie. Might Lawson be capable of duplicating that kind of success with full time minutes? Perhaps.

In any event, I'd go with Lawson right now. The reason being is Lawson's stock is signifigantly lower then Collisons right now. As a GM my goal is to buy low. Not buy when a players stock is already pretty darn high.

Rumor was a top ten pick for Lawson... I doubt Collison would go for that price right now. Collison probably requires absoring salary, a solid player and a lotto pick.

My conclusion is a preference for Collison, but I would trade for Lawson as it stands today. The end of next season may prove to be a different can of worms but i'd still sleep soundly pulling the trigger on Lawson today at his price tag.

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This isn't even close. Ty

This isn't even close. Ty Lawson might run Chauncey out town, but I'll guarantee you Darren Collison does the same thing to Chris Paul that he did to Baron Davis. It's a business and the Hornets are here to save money, not win a championship just yet.

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This is a very hard

This is a very hard comparison they're stats are almost identical to each other per 40 and they have around the same size, build, and athleticism. So let's look at it from a different angle. Sure Lawson started 4 years at UNC but they never had another guard to really challenge him for the starting job. Collison started 4 years at UCLA and in that time span he kept the number 4 pick, Westbrook playing shooting guard, and he came back to keep a top5 recruit, Holiday, from playing PG also. He would not of started over these players in Ben Howlands system if we was not the better player. Some people may not really think thats a big deal but it says alot and its one way to differentiate from them two. Also Collison proved himself to be a solid if not stellar starter while Paul was hurt.

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