Latest Mock (4/14)

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Latest Mock (4/14)

No Rubio but Monroe at 11?

Is there any more news on Monroe? Has he declared yet, or are people just speculating? There's no way he gets past 8.

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i don't get it, does this

i don't get it, does this guy hate rubio?

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They still have Rubio in the

They still have Rubio in the 2010 draft...a lot of the 2nd round has changed though, they definitely took performances in the PIT into account because there are 5 or 6 new players in the 2nd round, all seniors who performed well at the PIT

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yes...i see new guys like: Alade Aminu from Georgia Tech( Al-Farouq Aminu brother), Garrett Siler, DeMarre Carroll, Chris Johnson and Alex Ruoff

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I know ruoff has flirted

I know ruoff has flirted with the late second round all year

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I think some of the Marquette players are the best also Missouri players: Jerel McNeal, Wesley Matthews, Dominic James, Leo Lyons, DeMarre Carroll

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Stuff is looking wierd

I don't see Monroe getting best 8 or 9 either and I feel like unless he shows more in works out that Harden could fall to 10 to the Bucks who will try to replace Redd to save money if they can't move Jefferson. Also why is Thabeet so high. He top 10 no doubt but not top 3 unless in the next few months he puts on weight and an offensive game. I do believe once Rubio makes it official he should be in the top 3 because i think that he will not come over here unless he is a definite top 3 pick and I believe he is.

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