Late Picks

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Late Picks

Where do be people see some of the more questionable guys that declared getting drafted? People that come to mind under that are Ricardo Ledo, Adonis Thomas, BJ Young, Russ Smith. Also seniors that have been in and out of mocks. Guys like Peyton Siva, Brandon Triche, Seth Curry, Ryan Kelly, Alex Oriahki. I just want to hear some opinions from other people

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Here's my take on the guys

Here's my take on the guys you mentioned;

Ledo-25-45.....such a huge range because he has 1st round talent, but with no resume to back it. A team might look for a steal late in the first, or he could slide because of reluctancy to pick a guy who hasn't played in a while.

Thomas-30-40...early to mid 2nd round.....considered a bust in college, but has the tools to get better in right system.

Young-30-45....early to mid 2nd round......too small to play the 2, but not a true PG.

Smith-mid 2nd to undrafted.....not sure why he declared except for the fact he can ride the wave of momentum at the moment. 6'0/160 lbs doesn't equate on the wing in the league, expecially with some sketchy outside shooting.

Siva/Curry/Triche-45-60....maybe late 2nd, if a team is looking for a specific needs and passes on a grab and stash player from overseas. I think Curry has the best bet of getting drafted out of these 3 because of his scoring ability.

Kelly-35-45.....mid-late 2nd......he's big, smart, and can shoot it like a wing.....that usually finds a spot on an NBA roster.

Oriakhi-50-60.....late 2nd.....if a team is looking to add some bulk and rebounding, he is a good pick there. Limited value, the team selecting will need to draft him knowing that.

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I would take a risk pick on

I would take a risk pick on Seth Curry in the late first round or early second, his shooting is pretty awesome solid skill and he's got heart, I would pass on the others and I hate Duke!

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Brandon Davies has been in

Brandon Davies has been in and out of mine all year. He's skilled, has good size and produced at a high level, all year. A bit of a tweener forward, but he could be a good energy player and practice opponent for a playoff squad looking to add someone cheap.

Travis Releford has been in mine all year, but I think there's a good chance he'll get passed over. He's 6'6'' can play great D on the perimeter and hit an outside shot. Does a lot of the same things as Kim English, Khris Middleton, David Lighty, and two of those 3 are in the league, Lighty probably would be too if he hadn't had injury issues.

Jack Cooley has been in and out of mine most of the year. He's big strong and can rebound at the next level. He reminds me of a bigger Jon Brockman, but I don't know if that's good enough to get picked. He's a bruiser, but with Kevin Jones getting skipped over last year (probably more because he was only 6'6'' and chage barefoot ) it makes me wonder if a player like Cooley could make it. I think if he really is 6'9'' he has a good chance.

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I wouldn't take Curry in the

I wouldn't take Curry in the first round but mid to late 2nd round I would for sure. I don't think he can play the point and defensively I don't know many 2's he could guard, but having a guy like that playing limited minutes off the bench that could come in and knock down shots could be valuable as a mid to late 2nd rounder. One 2nd rounder I don't understand is Rodney Williams (who has been projected early. I understand he's a freak athlete, but having watched nearly all of the Gophers games this year he has the worst perimeter skills of any 3 in this draft hands down. When he was a freshman I saw the potential to play in the NBA as a 3 if he improved his handle and shot, but the progression just hasn't been there. It doesn't make sense to me to draft a senior on potential even mid to late second round.

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