Last years 2008-2009 rookie comparisons

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Last years 2008-2009 rookie comparisons

Derrick Rose---Rajon Rondo
Michael Beasley---Lamar Odom
Danilo Gallinari---Hedo Turkoglu
Brook Lopez---Yao MIng
Oj Mayo---Brandon Roy
Eric Gordan---Ben Gordan with good D
Kevin Love---Bill Laimbeer
Russell Westbrook---Monta Ellis
Anthony Randolph---Thaddeus Young
Mario Chalmers---quicker + more athletic Duhon

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Good List.

Overall i like your list a lot. The only ones i disagree with are the Mayo and Beasley comparisons.

I dont think that mayo has good enough leadership and passing to be brandon Roy. Mayo is more like Joe Johnson. More of a shooter but chooses to pass when he needs to.

also i think that Beasley will end up being much more of a Carmelo Anthony like player. He's stronger that Odom.

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Derrick Rose is going to be

Derrick Rose is going to be the next Derrick Rose....already has a better jumper then Rondo, Rondo had a tough time guarding him and he is only a rookie...Watch out Deron Williams and CP3, Rose is coming for ya.

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mhhh i think rose has more

mhhh i think rose has more offense potential than rondo and beasley and odom i don´t see beasley handling the ball like odom and he will turn out being more of a rebounder than odom... and mayo is far from being the team player roy is... the other one´s i like only that brook lopez is more athletic than yao...

rose - bigger version of CP3
beasley - atwan jamison with better rebounding
oj mayo - probably ben gordon but better all around
anthony randolph - could be KG (or a bust of course) but he reminds me of the early KG

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rose is way better than

rose is way better than rondo. beasley wont handle the rock like odom but wont disappear on offense as much. anthony randolph could be anything at this point, he needs more time. and i dont know why i compare lopez to tim duncan but that is who he reminds me of. i dont think his career will be as good but similar games.

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eric gordon is way better

eric gordon is way better than ben gordon. he is mitch richmond.

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