Last day in a Cav's Uni.

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Last day in a Cav's Uni.

Check out my article. Tell me how I can improve and what you think?

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I could do without the Holy

I could do without the Holy God reference.

Also anyone see the rumored trade of Luol Deng for Lebron.
Why would the Cavs want Deng's contract thats just helping out the Bulls who are an Eastern Conf. rival.
The projected lineup of Rose,Wade,Lebron,Gibson, Noah seems odd you have 3 guys who need the ball.
They'd be better off with Rose,Wade, Deng or Rose, Ray Allen,Lebron as PG/SG/SF.
Anytime you have superstars like Wade, Lebron don't you want shooters around them not a PG who's strength is driving to the rim and struggles with the 3 pt shot.

If Lebron leaves either get some cheap young players back or let him go.
They have plenty of expiring players to trade and get under the cap in 2 years.
Yeah they would be awful next year but its 1 year and it will get them a top draft pick.
Time to get younger that means let Shaq, Big Z go, trade Jamison.
Look to move West, Parker this team needs a big change.

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Yeah, there's no way the Cavs

Yeah, there's no way the Cavs would want to take on Deng's contract. Chi would probably have to add their first rounder and maybe James Johnson.

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