Last Carmelo trade

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Last Carmelo trade

Knicks get: Wilson chandler, Eric Gordon and Darrell Arthur

Rockets get: Carmelo Anthony and Malik Beasley

Pistons get: Trevor ariza Courtney lee and Emmanuel mudiay

Nuggets get: Tobias Harris Stanley Johnson and Tariq black

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James Dolan is one vindictive

James Dolan is one vindictive mother effer. Melo is going no where.

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Nuggets get the better of

Nuggets get the better of this trade

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Again Knicks get back far

Again Knicks get back far more than they put out. There is no way anyone will trade anything more than another terrible contract for Melo. Everyone knows they have issues and can't get rid of him. The last time things were this bad for anyone is when Detroit couldn't move Josh Smith. The only solution they found was to just pay him a squillion dollars to not be there.

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Ariza & Black (defence)and

Ariza & Black (defence)and Gordon (3's) will be more valuable to the rockets this season than the risk and drama that is melo!

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Detroit gets screwed in this.

Detroit gets screwed in this. How is getting rid of our top scorer in Harris and a young wing with potential in Stanley for Ariza (solid 3 and D) Courtney Lee (just 3 not much D) and Mudiay, giving us a logjam at the point, a good thing? Smh again...

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