Last 10 Years of 1st Picks Draft

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Last 10 Years of 1st Picks Draft

Taking into account the player's career and potential where you think it will go, create a draft of the last 10 years' first picks. Here is mine:

1) Lebron James
2) Dwight Howard
3) Derek Rose
4) Kyrie Irving
5) Anthony Davis
6) John Wall
7) Blake Griffin
8) Andrew Bogut
9) Andrea Bargani
10) Greg Oden

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1) LeBron 2) Rose 3) Dwight

1) LeBron
2) Rose
3) Dwight Howard
4) Kyrie Irving
5) John Wall
6) Blake Griffin
7) Anthony Davis
8) Andrew Bogut
9) Andrea Bargani
10) Greg Oden

BUT, if I took FIVE GUYS to build around RIGHT NOW, I would go with LeBron, Rose, Irving, Wall, and Blake Griffin. I think Anthony Davis could move up really high, but I also think Blake could move up to 3 or 4 on this list.

Number 2 is a toss up, but I think Rose will be better going forward than Dwight Howard.

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1. James 2. Rose 3. Irving 4.

1. James
2. Rose
3. Irving
4. Howard
5. Davis
6. Wall
7. Griffin
8. Bogut
9. Bargnani
10. Oden

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LeBron James Dwight

LeBron James
Dwight Howard
Derrick Rose
Kyrie Irving
John Wall
Blake Griffin
Anthony Davis
Andrew Bogut
Andrea Bargnani
Greg Oden

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1. LeBron James - Easy

1. LeBron James - Easy pick

2. Dwight Howard - Elite Centers are hard to find. He had a bad year this year, but he was the clear best offensive and defensive player on a Finals team. Joining the Lakers was a very poor career decision.

3. Derrick Rose - Top 5 pg in the game.

4. Kyrie Irving - Should develop into an elite pg.

5. Anthony Davis - Incredible upside, could develop into a superstar.

6. John Wall - Just edges Griffin

7. Blake Griffin

8. Andrew Bogut - Excellent center when healthy, but he isn't healthy often.

9. Andrea Bargnani - Puts up a lot of empty numbers. Disappointing player.

10. Greg Oden - Truly a shame he got injured. Frustrating to hear him dissed and called a bust all the time.

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Picks 8-10

Everyone can agree on that.

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By virtue of Oden not counting against a team's salary cap currently, I put him ahead of Andrea.

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First off, both of you need to stop using Dwight's cum as mouthwash. It's not FDA approved.

As far as 'Memphis Madness' is concerned, you should have your user name revoked for having Wall as one of your top five players to build a team with (unless Memphis Madness is actually Michael Jordan and your goal is to run your team into the ground, in which case I completely understand your retardedness).

If you are drafting today, and you took anyone ahead of Kyrie at 2, you'd probably be castrated quicker than Steph Curry's release.

With that said, both of you should take a look at my top 10, and you'll realize how foolish you were for posting what you did.

1) Kyrie Irving (a better, more athletic version of Chris Paul)
2) Andrew Bogut (did you see what he did in the playoffs? Imagine if he had a full season to warm up.)
3) Anthony Davis (this beastly Pelican is only going to improve on his second half numbers from last year)
4) Lebron (he'll lose his athleticism in 3 years, along with his hair)
5) Rose
6) Blake Griffin (he's ok...if you like seeing his crotch in peoples grill)
7) Bargani (it's not his fault he got drafted by Toronto. Put him on Detroit and he's at least Amir Johnson like)
8) Wall
9) Oden (at least we got some good dick picks out of him...)
10) Howard (nothing but a cancer, which means both of you need to get your mouths checked for lumps)

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1. LeBron 2. Howard 3.

1. LeBron
2. Howard
3. Irving
4. Rose
5. Wall
6. Davis
7. Griffin
8. Bogut
9. Bargs
10. Oden

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