Larry Johnson

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Larry Johnson

This may be the most absurd thing I have ever seen in my life. LJ is just as bad as Sterling in my honest opinion. How would having segregated basketball leagues help anything? Just ridiculous...

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I totally agree that is is

I totally agree that is is ridiculous. I am not American, but to me how in anyway can more segregation be a good idea.

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I seriously just got done

I seriously just got done playing the original NBA Jam and I was using.. Larry Johnson.. Well.. No more Boom Shakalakas for you Larry!

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I agree 100% and an black man these comments disgust me. More segragation is not what we need in todays society. As an former NBA player who im sure was not just liked by african americans but by all races and even had teamates who were not just black but of all races why would he say something like that. i wonder if Phil jackson keeps him aboard with the knicks moving foward.

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Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson has made a few comments over the years about racial segregation, so it doesn't surprise me that someone put a mic in his grill and broadcast his comments.

Can anyone remember when he said "Tell Bill Walton that me and Avery Johnson come from the same plantoon".

I'm sure Avery loved that...

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"LJ is just as bad as

"LJ is just as bad as Sterling in my honest opinion"?

Thats almost like saying Marcus Garvey was as bad as the KKK.

Sterling doesnt want to be associated with black people because he thinks less of the them.

LJ wants segregation because integration hasnt helped many societal factor in the black community, and in many cases de facto segregation has taken it place with no politic recourse for changes. LJ is flat out saying he doesnt trust rich white people. As a family with a history steeped in this ish, I cant blame him.

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There is a segment of the

There is a segment of the 'black community' that appears to beleive idetifying themselves as black/AfriAmer/etc. is more important than just being one with society. They are as large an obstacle to the end of racism as bigots like Sterling. What's most discouraging is that this segment of the population seems to have much more staying power than Sterlings, as his generation is dying off.

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