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Looks like Larkin has decided to enter the draft.

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This kid wants to succeed

This kid wants to succeed ''So Bad''..And make a name for himself and expand the Larkin brand....So it doesnt surprise me that he's leaving...People close to him wanted him to come back..They say he's not ready and they wonder how he'll be emotionally next season when he's struggling to get playing time...

With Larkin's announcement, there seems to be only Payne and Austin who are yet to let their intentions known....

DAM!! Next year's draft has the potential to be the deepest ever......

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Good move.....weak class,

Good move.....weak class, played well should go first round.....I think Marcus Smart not entering is going to help every PG in this draft....far as their stock.

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Don't lark on my go cart

Don't lark on my go cart

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I like Shane's game, but I'm

I like Shane's game, but I'm pretty neutral about this move. Guys who kinda came out of nowhere usually have to prove themselves over and over. You look at a guy like Trey Burke last yr and he had a great freshman season and definitely showed promise, yet when the season was over he was on the bubble as a draft prospect. I'm not sure scouts are convinced that he has the game to overcome his size. He's striking while the iron is hot though. If he came back next yr, he would've been more of a lone wolf and defenses would've keyed on him even more with all that lost senior talent.

As of right now, I see him as a guy on the first round bubble. He knows how to play, knows how to use ball screens and get to spots on the floor. He's improved as a shooter, but his playmaking skills could use work. He used ball screens to attack the hoop, not so much to make plays. That'll be more difficult at the next level with his size. He's got quicks, but he doesn't quite have the length or body strength of say, a Trey Burke.

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I don't get it

In my opinion I'd rather have Larkin than CJ McCollum. I like the kids game and seeing how the NBA is a lot of pick and roll now I think last season he solidified himself as an elite pick and roll player. I can care less that he appeared out of nowhere and had a great season. Thatsbwhatvhard work does for you. Like in the NFL Alfred Morris the redskins running back came outta nowhere and had a great season. Hard work gets recognized I like this kid to go anywhere from picks 15-25

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