LaQuinton Ross

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LaQuinton Ross

LaQuinton is getting no love in the mock drafts, and to be honest, rightfully so to this point. However, this kid has an absolute niche, and an NBA type of game.

This kid can flat out shoot the ball, has a really good looking stroke, and appears to be gaining confidence in his overall game. This kid was once rated the #1 player in his class (8th grade and 9th potentially, just off of straight memory).

That being said, I think he needs to start appearing on some mocks. He has a James Jones, Dorrel Wright type of game. He is a big shooter that can stretch the floor. He is a positional player that every team needs, especially with teams converting more and more to small ball.

I really hope he keeps up his good shooting and overall confidence in his game, because the kid has the talent to produce and be the "X" factor player for Ohio State during their tournament run.

I want to hear some of your guys thoughts on Ross' game, and what you think he can/will become in the near future.

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I was thinking

this exact same thing yesterday.....he is not in any mocks but i definitely KNOW he will be an NBA player. He has NBA size with an NBA game. He's a great shooter and a great slasher standing at 6'8. Plus he's young. Look for him to break out next year.

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So far Ross has been very

So far Ross has been very inconsistent. Not just game to game but minute to minute. As a Buckeye fan it's very frustrating to watch, because it's very clear that he has star potential for the NBA level. Ross could be a top player at the NBA level if he puts it all together. Maybe next year will be the break out year I expected this year.

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He's not ready for the league

He's not ready for the league yet. He's way too inconsistent. Give him another year under Thad and we'll see

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i can remember at 1 point

i can remember at 1 point when he was a freshman in HS i believe he was ranked as the #1 player in the country...i think he even played in that elite 24 game at rucker as a high school sophmore

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I had high hopes for Ross

I had high hopes for Ross coming into the season. I even had him in my preseason mock as a late first rounder after word was out that he had a productive summer at the skills camps. Coming into the season I thought that OSU needed a scorer behind D.Thomas and that Ross was the best equipped to handle that type of role, but it didn't happen. Sam Thompson took the minutes that I thought Ross would get and LaQuinton still showed the same passiveness that led to sporadic minutes as a freshman.

He's always had the talent, but the key to his game is being aggressive. He can get his shot off the bounce pretty much any time he wants given his skill level and length, but he needed to complement that with a more aggressive driving game. During his stretch of increased productivity he's been more aggressive driving the ball. I think he's a very similar player to Quincy Miller. He's got that classic, long, sinewy build for the wing with a ~7'2 wingspan. He's got a natural ability to create his own jump shot off the dribble, but is more of a smooth athlete than an explosive one. Definitely still needs to get stronger though. I think if he comes back next yr he'll become the top scorer on the Buckeyes and work his way into being a mid first round pick, possibly in the teens.

Sam Thompson deserves more mention as well as a '14 first round pick. He's an amazing run/jump athlete who plays very good defense and has come light yrs as a jump shooter. He still can't handle the ball all that much, but if he continues to improve his jump shot he'll have a role as an NBA player given his defense and athleticism. The last 10 games during their hot streak, Thompson's been shooting 54% from the floor and a blistering 56% from 3, albeit on low volume. He's proven that he's more than just a run/jump athlete.

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Yes he was rated the top

Yes he was rated the top freshman and he actual played in the elite 24 before he even played a high school game. He was a rising freshman but really showed out in Elite 24. He never has lost his talent and ability he just needs to be consistent

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He's a throwback ala Robert

He's a throwback ala Robert Horry

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