Landry Fields a Toronto Raptor

With melo and amare now on the Knicks, Landry's stats have dropped quite significantly. So, I think the knicks might be willing to trade him if they can get a good piece to compliment their two superstars who would fit their system better. Also, I think Landry would do wonders on the raptors. He is a very young guy who provides rebounding, scoring, and toughness. The Raptors have a huge gap at the small forward and if they brought in Landry it would be filled.

Then, if they can somehow obtain Irving in the draft, and get either Javale Mcgee or Deandre Jordan in the offseason we will be golden in no time.

Irving, Demar, Fields, Davis, Mcgee

Now that is a great, young starting lineup.

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Who are the raps gonna give up?

Bayless for Fields? I never check salaries Im sure you can add pieces to fill it out Thats assuming the Raps get Irving. Bayless does not want to be a back up. You will have to overpay BIG time to pry Jordan away from the Clip.

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I would do Bayless for Fields

I would do Bayless for Fields anyday... Bayless may be improving but we need a pass first pg

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Toronto gave up a league

Toronto gave up a league worst 27.2 free throw attempts per game last season and averaged 5.8 fewer attempts than their opposition. The 3.8 points scored by their opponents from these extra free throws exceeded the difference between the Raptors 90.7 scoring average and the 94 points they allowed.

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