Lance Stephson to Kentucky

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Lance Stephson to Kentucky

With Lance Stephson pushing St.johns and Maryland out it was Ari,Kentucky, and Memphis in contention for him. With Ari getting a commitment from Kevin Parrom another NYC player it is likely that they will no longer recruit him. So it is now Kentucky and Memphis i hear the final two. I think for what Stephson is looking for he will end up at Kentucky, With that possibly happening this freshmen class can be one of the best recruiting class ever if he and John Wall goes there along with Orton, Cousins and Jon Hood

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isn't kansas not Kentucky?

isn't kansas not Kentucky?

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??? i haven't heard anything

??? i haven't heard anything about Lance possibly going to UK

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Stephenson was basically

Stephenson was basically begging Memphis to recruit him when Cal was the head coach, yet he never budged. If Calipari didn't want him in Memphis, why would he want him in Kentucky?

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Lance has pretty much said

Lance has pretty much said he's following Kevin Parrom. Parrom just said this weekend he's going to Arizona. Lance dropped Kentucky. Arizona has done stunning since Miller's arrival, 4 top 100 players in one month!?

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I've heard this

I believe that he will go to Kentucky instead of Memphis because there's almost no more talent at Memphis and with Meeks and Paterson leaving, I think with Cousins, Stephenson, maybe Wall, & Hood will not only make up for their loss, but it'll be like USC in football producing talent for years to come.

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stephenson is a very me-first type of guy if he went to kentucky he'd be the third option behind Wall(assuming he commits) and Cousins, if Patterson and Meeks come back he might not even start, so I don't see stephensen in Kentucky blue next year

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Stephenson Will Be a Arizona Wildcat

Lance Stephenson will become a Arizona Wildcat, mark my word...He'll most likely will be the "Go to Guy" from Day 1, for a school with a rich basketball tradition and one that has had a lot of NBA talent go there, ala Gilbert Arenas, Andre Iguodala, Richard Jefferson, Mike Bibby, Jason Terry, and recently, Chase Budinger & Jordan Hill...Watch Lance put up about 18 points game, with 6 boards, and 1 assist for Arizona, and become a 2010 first round draft pick

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Lance Stephenson aka Born Ready??????

Lance Stephenson aka Born Gunner will probably lead the ncaa in field goal attempts next year. Until this guy has a coach thats gonna put him in his place an really tell him he's not as good ashe thinks he is he's gonna be on a downward spiral. Its a shame becuase he's a very talented player but the all about me attitude isnt gonna get it done (see kobe bryant) even kobe had 2 realize whe shaq left that it takes a team. I think if he got his attitude right Lance could be the next Paul Pierce. Both of them are bout the same height and build while not being overly athletic but very skilled and crafty. The difference is Paul lets the game come 2 him while Lance is like a machine gun.

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