Lance Stephenson vs OJ Mayo

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Lance Stephenson vs OJ Mayo

Just came from the game tonight and there must be some bad blood between these two. You can definitely see they don't like each other or something with how physical it was and how they were in each others faces basically jawing all night. I thought they both were going to get thrown out tonight.

Who'd you rather have right now and going forward? Stephenson or Mayo?

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Hard to say, I think think

Hard to say, I think think Mayo has maxed out, but he could still be a valuable peace to a contender. Lance, had made huge improvements, but I wouldn't be shocked if he tailed off after getting paid this Summer.

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Goes back to their HS days.

Goes back to their HS days. Apparently they were both rivals of each other. There's even a video on youtube of them both going at each other at a camp.

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Lance was a bad bad bad man

Lance was a bad bad bad man in High School.. I remember going to a couple of his games when he played for Lincoln, even got his autograph too... You could easily see all the talent was there but the attitude always overshadowed it.... Thank god he put that to the side and realized how good he can be..

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Born Ready

Born Ready

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Who'd would I rather have right now and going forward?

Who'd would I rather have right now and going forward?

1. OJ Mayo is a talented combo guard who has proven that he can be a very good scorer, shooter, and playmaker. He can start for your team and consistently give you 18 to 20 ppg. Or come off the bench as a 6th man and give you 13 to 15 ppg. My problem with OJ is that he hasn't really developed in ways that would help him grow from being a very good player into a all-star quality type of player. As of right now OJ mayo is simply a very good role player who's talented enough to be a 2nd or 3rd option on a very good team. I actually think that if OJ Mayo had high level point guard skills to compliment his scoring skills and playmaking skills. Than he would easily already be an all-star

2. Lance Stephenson is a very talented and gifted player who's skill level and physical tools are very similar to Tyreke Evans and James Harden. I think that what is hindering his development into a great player. Is the fact that Lance is at times a very immature player, inconsistent player, and a erratic decision maker ( erratic meaning - changing in ways that are not expected or usual, lacking consistency or regularity in quality or performance )
You just don't know what to expect from Lance Stephenson and he still struggles to consistently make the simple play. But he's very talented and has the ability to easily be one of the top 5 or 7 shooting guards in the NBA

3. If I had to choose, I would take OJ Mayo. Because you know what to expect from OJ Mayo. He consistently throughout his career has proven that he can be a reliable scorer, shooter, and play-maker. He also still is an unfinished product who still has the potential to easily develop into an all-star. If he can improve his point guard skills and become a great combo guard who can play both the point guard and shooting guard positions equally well. Then OJ Mayo will become a player who is similar to Chauncy Billups, but with greater scoring skills. For example. the last 5 games OJ Mayo is averaging 22ppg with a 47% FG percentage, 58% 3PT Percentage, and a 94.5% FT Percentage

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I'd take Lance because he has

I'd take Lance because he has that mean streak in him that other players don't have. You can tell he wants the ball in his hands, and you know he'll never shy away from the moment. His additude reminds me of Westbrook's a little, and I would want that on any team, because you know you're going to get energy every night. I also would prefer to have Lance's skill set right now too compared to Mayo's. Lance is still trying to put it all together, but he does a little of everything, and is a monster going to the basket.

Both have turned into good players though, and Mayo has shown multiple times now that if given the opprtunity to be the man on a team he can do it, even if the team isn't that good. He's putting up good numbers this year as the main guy in MIL, and was averaging solid numbers while starting for Memphis.

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They haven't liked each other

They haven't liked each other since Mayo ripped him up at ABCD camp in high school. Video is on youtube.

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I've never seen Mayo as

I've never seen Mayo as energized as he was at the ABCD camp. I just looked it up and man was he in it.

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that video is legendary and

that video is legendary and has been mentioned on this site numerous times over the years. they will forever be rivals based on that history.

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