LaMarcus Aldridge

Apparently the TrailBlazers are looking at different trade scenarios.

As a pistons fan, I think he would fit well with Drummond and Smith. Also it does stretch make their front court with his shooting, which complements drummond and smith athletic ability. The questions is who are the pistons willing to give up. Pistons stated that Andre Drummond is off limits. The blazers does not want any draft picks return.

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I don't see the Pistons

I don't see the Pistons trading Monroe for Aldridge

Brandon Knight would hardly compliment Lillard and McCollum as he's another scoring tweener

KCP isn't enough

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It is possible for a 3(or 4) team trade. And clearly a Monroe-Aldridge wouldnt be enough for the blazers. I doubt they would want Knight anyway. Doubt the pistons are willing to part with KCP.

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He isn't going anywhere and certainly not to Detroit

Damn, people can dream but be real. Detroit has nobody they can trade for him. He hasn't asked to be traded and Portland isn't giving him away.

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Just thinking aloud here: If

Just thinking aloud here:

If Aldridge did ask for a trade (not saying he did, just if), what about him going to OKC for, say, Serge Ibaka, Jeremy Lamb, and PJ3?

The Blazers get a nice core of young guys to prepare for a rebuilding effort, as well as their starting PF and SG for the future.

The OKC Thunder finally get some post scoring and a guy that can play either PF or C whenever needed. He's also a very good passer, which can help when finding Durant on the 3pt line or Westbrook cutting to the rim.

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not saying lamb couldnt work,

not saying lamb couldnt work, just saying he has shown enough aggression to be looked at as a starter in a trade moving forward, PJ3 hasnt shown anything, even in garbage minutes he hasnt been able to dominate the other team's garbage minutes players. i dont think thats enough for a top 5 power forward. Hopefully lamb does prove his worth finally this year.

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Honestly though who would

Honestly though who would have the assets or would give up a fair package to get Aldridge? Other than Kevin Love I don't think there is a better power forward in the game. The Trailblazers should keep him for the long haul unless they get blown away.

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There was a local Chicago scribe who recently wrote that Aldridge was offered to Chicago for Noah and other smaller fringe players earlier in the year. The Bulls initially offered Deng and said no when Portland demanded Noah. Also, Aldridge and D. Rose share the same agent, who is based in Chicago. I know Noah brings a lot of heart and skill to the Bulls, but you have to at least think about it if you are Chicago, based on Noah's injury (planter facitis) which crops up every year. Although, I am not convinced Portland would do it either.

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This would be my ideal trade scenario (Chicago would never go for it though)

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