lamar odom has drug problem

or is khloe k is just out of her mind making false accusations because lamar prefers rachits over fake ass hollywood boppers you tell me...

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i hope it's not true, but if

i hope it's not true, but if you add it up, it might be. lamar odom left the lakers to dallas and became severely depressed and irrelevant on the team. last year he was pedestrian like on the clippers. it's possible he went down the wrong path with everything going on in his life he may be struggling to cope with it and turning to drugs to numb his pain. it's possible, but i don't know either way for sure.

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when he was first with the

when he was first with the clippers as a young fella he had issues with drugs didnt he?

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Just weed if I remember right

Just weed if I remember right

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well a

shit don't we all

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yeah it was just weed

yeah it was just weed

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If TMZ says he's doing

If TMZ says he's doing recreational drugs, I'm going to assume he's doing weed. Clearly, if he were doing something more serious, they would have pointed it out instead of leaving it with such a broad and generic term.

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Tmz said "hardcore

Tmz said "hardcore recreational drugs", to me that hardcore part means not Mary Jane.

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i would have to agree.

i would have to agree. infact, weed is a drug solution not a drug problem. lol! i hope tmz is stupid enough to consider weed a hard core drug! it's amazing what is considered a hard core drug these days for some people.

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I hope it just weed....Lamar Odom has had a tough life..and its only gotten worse over the last 10 years or so..(death of kid, Khloe drama (issues having kids), paparazzi incident, etc)..I hope he gets it together...talent player indeed

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I've smoked with a former

I've smoked with a former teacher of mine as well as a pastor, I can live with a basketball player smoking.

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The "entire" family stage an

The "entire" family stage an intervention? He was sent to rehab and the situation was so bad, private investigators were hired to make sure he didn't leave?

The article says that he's slipped deep back into "hardcore" recreational drugs after the season. It says Khloe is more interested in "saving Lamar" than ending their marriage.

I'm sorry, but this doesn't sound like weed.

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Yall forgot to consider the majority of pro athletes who have drug problems late in the careers are addicted to alcohol and pain killers. Stuff that doesn't get them in trouble of NBA's drug testing rules and can get quite easily as well. Id bet alcohol and pain killers are the problem with Lamar Odom.

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yeah or codeine syrup or

yeah or codeine syrup or cocaine. I dont think it would be anything like heroin or Ecstasy or meth and if it is then this is a kind of big story since most athletes you wouldnt think would do hard drugs like heroin.

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He is married to a Kardashian so...

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Pshhh The only drug he is


The only drug he is hooked on is the same drug many a prominent African American male has fallen victim to...Kardashian p****...Ray J, Rashad Mccants, Kel from Good Burger, now Lamar

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one thing is for sure if he

one thing is for sure if he ever comes to the league and say he becomes a star hes going have to change his name, how the how do you pronounce it lol

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Did you guys see the picture

Did you guys see the picture of Lamar in that article? I don't remember seeing him that skinny for a long time. Maybe it is just how he looks in his jersey but he looks slimmer to me in that pic. Just saying not a FYI or anything. Yea I would bet it is painkillers and anti depression meds myself. A lot at one time is hardcore. It's a shame how fast he has fallen from a playing standpoint.

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I personally believe he was

I personally believe he was the happiest when he was on the Los Angeles Lakers. He was ballin for them.

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Yeah, he was great on the

Yeah, he was great on the Lakers. He should try to go back there. He plays very well with Kobe and Pau. Those guys along with Nash, Chris Kaman, and Nick Young could sneak up on some people. Just a great Old Man Basketball Team there. And don't forget Ryan Kelly off the bench...

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I'm guessing it's either wild

I'm guessing it's either wild berry skittles or gummy peach rings.

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