Lamar Odom

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Lamar Odom

I just read this article about Lamar and I was touched by the story. Great article.

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Whats wrong wit the guy?

Whats wrong wit the guy? Memphis offers him a spot on the if he goes to rehab.. But he only stay there 1 day.. He needs jesus

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Tough life

Money, success, fame, etc. cannot buy health, familly or happiness. Sucks that sometimes it takes situations like this for all of us to remember this. I wish nothing but the best for Lamar Odom.

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lamar odom isn't a bad or

lamar odom isn't a bad or evil guy... when things get rough.. to many people resort to drugs which is sad... he needs help... i really feel for him... hes been thru a lot but he should've seeked help first from a doctor of some sort

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Jesus isn't God he can't help

Jesus isn't God he can't help him.

No need for a mediator between you and God.

Also Odom is lost maybe he knows his fame is coming to an end and he can't deal with it.

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